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Accommodations | Inclusion

Rec Sports encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs and services. To facilitate opportunities for people with and without disabilities to engage in leisure pursuits together, the Department of Recreational Sports provides inclusion support services, including, but not limited to:

  • staff support
  • sign language interpreters
  • adaptive equipment

Adapted Recreational Sports (ARS) can accommodate numerous disabilities and situations. Whether it be replacing intramural soccer balls with brightly colored ones for patrons with limited vision or adjusting the speed of instruction in aerobics classes, all student or member needs can be accommodated. These services are offered to students and members at no extra cost. To arrange for services, please fill out the form under the documents on the upper right corner of this page and return it to the Community Programs C149 or via fax to 614-292-0540. To ensure the requested accommodation, please notify the specific program/facility at least two weeks in advance. Direct accommodation questions to 614-688-3693.

Consultations Available

Set up a one-to-one consultation with the ARS coordinator or supervisor to find out about all of the recreational opportunities available to your individual needs (Rec Sports members only, which includes fee paying students). Contact the Community Programs office to learn more.

Inclusion Specialists

If you contact ARS and receive an inclusion specialist, below are the expectations.

 Inclusion specialists can:

  • meet you at your transportation drop-off and escort you into the building
  • accompany you throughout building
  • help fill out forms and get through access control
  • read directions or summarize how machines are used
  • assist with any individual needs that may arise (holding guide dog leash, keeping track of personal items, assisting with personal adaptive equipment)

Inclusion specialists cannot:

  • advise or physically train you
  • assist in any activities in the locker room