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  • Comment - Jesse Owens North
    Over the past few weeks I have noticed rust building up at JON. It is mostly on the ends of the bars making it hard to get weights on and off. Is there any way this can be cleaned? Thanks! John


    Thanks for your comment about the Olympic bars at the Jesse Owens Center. We are currently working with our maintenance crew to decrease the amount of rust and moisturize the bars. We appreciate your feedback and please look for all new Olympic bars coming next year!

    Have a great day,


  • Comment - RPAC
    Is the Squat Rack currently roped off ever going to be available again? The RPAC already really doesn't have enough of them for the large amount of people using the facilities, and having one of them out of commission makes it even worse.


    Thanks for your comment about the squat rack that is closed. We are actually waiting for a replacement panel of glass to come in, as we have a large pane of glass above that machine that has broken. This is a safety measure so in the event the glass would crack completely, it would not fall and hit the person directly below. We are estimating a 2 week lead time on the replacement at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate your continued patronage of Rec Sports and our facilities!

    Abby Whaley, Assistant Director, RPAC Operations

  • Comment - Aquatics
    Why is the leisure/class/rec pool area so dark? There are no lights above any of the pools, just on the edges of the giant room. Compared to the competition pool, I feel like I can't see anything when I'm there at night, and it deters me from wanting to swim there.

    Good morning Ms. Glover,

    Thank you for your comment.  I couldn’t agree with you more.  We replace lamps on both sides several times per year, but they are not lasting as long as we would like.  We are currently working with leadership and FOD to review LED lighting options on both sides that will provide a much more reliable lighting situation.  This is a process with a lot of requires steps, but we are pursuing it.  In the meantime, we will continue to replace lamps as often as feasible.  If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

     Thank you,

    Zach Skinner
    Associate Director for Aquatics

  • Suggestion - Group Fitness
    Hello! I have been enjoying group fitness classes for 3 years and I am thankful for these wonderful opportunities to stay fit. However, I recently took a "Shake It" class for the second time and felt uncomfortable dancing to the songs, which I found inappropriate. Not only were the dance moves aimed toward women, but so were the songs. I enjoyed the upbeat effort from my instructor, who should no doubt continue as a trainer, but I won't be taking another Shake It class again- Although I might like to shake up my workout, I don't like to shake my butt to songs that have men telling me to "ride it" and "grind". Perhaps some more gender-friendly moves and appropriate (yet, still upbeat) songs would have made me stay.

    Hi Colleen, 

    I appreciate your honest feedback. I am sorry to hear that your Shake It! experience was not as you had hoped. I actually just addressed that issue in my staff meeting last week, but I will be sure to follow up with my dance instructors specifically regarding music and dance moves.   

    Don't hesitate to contact me in the future if you have any other comments or concerns. 


    Alice Adams 
    Group Fitness Coordinator