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  • Comment - Intramural Sports
    I had a question concerning Intramural Hockey. If a team does not have goalie equipment, would OSU supply the equipment? I know that they do for skaters and I was hoping it is the same for goalies.


    Should an intramural ice hockey participant registered as the goalie for a team not have the proper equipment to play that position, our competitive sports staff will provide the equipment to them on site at the ice rink on the night of their contest. However, goalies are expected to provide the own hockey stick during play.

    Dexter Shorter
    Coordinator of Competitive Sports

  • Comment - RPAC
    Hi: I use a lot but I also would like to see the opening hours for the next day so I could plan my day the night before. The schedule page is of no help because it has no information about the actual opening hours of the corresponding facilities. Could you please add maybe the opening hour info as the first item for each facility? Thanks, Paul Nevai


    The opening hours can be found on our home page in the upper right corner. You can use the arrows to advance forward to see the hours for the next day. 


    Marci Shumaker
    Senior Associate Director