Office of Student Life

Recreational Sports

COVID-19 and Myocarditis Update

January 30, 2021

As we learn more about the immediate and lasting effects of COVID-19, we will continue to update guidance to our campus community. We are advising those who have tested positive or been otherwise diagnosed with COVID-19 to avoid high-intensity exercise for a minimum of six weeks, potentially longer, and should be determined in consultation with your physician or healthcare professional. We also recommend that before resuming strenuous activity, those recovering from COVID-19 should be cleared by their physician or other health care professional before re-starting high-intensity exercise. Myocarditis is a heart muscle inflammation that affects some who have been infected with COVID-19. High-intensity exercise with myocarditis can increase risk for heart rhythm problems.

All members and visitors will be required to sign an updated facility release and legal waiver of liability in order to participate in all programs, activities and services offered by the Ohio State University Office of Student Life Department of Recreational Sports. The waiver acknowledges risks involving use of fitness equipment, participation in fitness classes and use of recreational spaces. It is an understanding of and commitment to the behaviors required by the university.

The waiver will be required for entry to the facilities and is available online at, log in at the upper right corner with your name.# to be prompted to sign. Affiliate members should use their Fusion log in. Email with questions.