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DIY Workout Created by Colin W.

July 20, 2021

Check out the workout below for a balanced, total body workout you can complete anytime, anywhere. Created by our certified group fitness instructor, Colin W., this workout will provide you with safe and effective exercises to strengthen your muscles, challenge your cardio and improve your overall physical fitness. And if you need a soundtrack to your workout, we recommend this rocking playlist also made by Colin!

New to working out? We recommend building up to the full 60-minute workout, maybe completing 1-2 sets every other day this week. For weight, you can use bodyweight, light dumbbells or even canned goods! 

For an extra cardio challenge this week, complete just the third round 3-5 different times during the week. Notice how your breathing changes throughout the set. If you have a smart watch, pay attention to your heart rate or calories burned. Are you able to push a little harder or recover a little quicker each time?

Workout Focus:

Total body

Equipment Needed:



Warm Up: Repeat Exercises below 4 times

30 sec Jumping Jacks

10 Bodyweight squats

10 Bodyweight reverse lunges

10 Good mornings

5 Inchworms (with push-up)



Grab a set of medium to heavy weights. Complete each set of exercises 2x through. 

Squat to Overhead Press (60 seconds)

Left Leg Lateral Lunge (30 seconds)

Right Leg Lateral Lunge (30 seconds)

Mountain Climbers (without weight) (60 Seconds)

Deadlifts (45 seconds)

Glute bridge (45 seconds)

Sit ups (45 seconds)



Grab a set of medium to light weights, don’t be afraid to change weights as needed. Go through each of these sets for 5 minutes total individually, completing as many reps as you can of each set. This will give a total of 10 minutes of work for round 2. Take rest in between the two sets as needed. 

10 Bench press

10 Laying Tricep Extension

5 Push-ups

10 Bicep curls

10 Bent over fly

10 Front Raise



No weights needed here, complete the cardio burst one time through. Use modifications as needed.

Jumping Jack (60 seconds)

Jumping Alternating Lunges (45 seconds)

Tuck Jumps (30 seconds)

Plank Jacks (15 Seconds)

Plank Hold (15 seconds)

Mountain Climbers (15 seconds)

Skaters (30 Seconds)

Drop Squats (45 seconds)

Jump Rope hops (60 seconds)

*Bonus Challenge: Go through an additional set 



Complete each movement for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds before going to the next move. Go for a total of 2 minutes including the rest.

Leg lowers


Side Plank Left

Side Plank Right

Repeat round one more time for a total of 2 minutes for an additional challenge.


Check out our Fitness Resources page for more written workouts and helpful tips to keep living your best Life in Motion!