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Feature Friday - Ben Pierce

Rec Sports is looking to feature members on campus that embody a healthy lifestyle and a Life in Motion! Take a look at our latest spotlight student, Ben Pierce. Ben Pierce is a recent 2017 graduate and a Camp Recky Counselor. This will be his third summer with Camp Recky. Read on to learn more about Ben's counseling experience and how he lives his life in motion! 

Why did you decide to attend The Ohio State University? 

"Growing up in Ohio my family always rooted for Ohio State. From a young age I was a Buckeye fan. When I first visited Ohio State in high school, I pretty much fell in love with campus and the atmosphere that it had. I had visited a couple other schools before I came here but Ohio State was just different. The minute I got accepted I knew where I was going to go to college and it was the best decision I ever made."


What are some of your hobbies? 

"I am the epitome Netflix binge watcher. Other than that I really just like to have a good time and hang out with my friends."


How did you find out about Camp Recky counselor positions?

"I actually found out about the job from a tweet from the Rec Sports Department."


Why did you want to become a Camp Recky counselor? How long have you been working summers as a counselor?

"I became a counselor because I saw the tweet and thought it sounded like a fun way to spend my summer. I also have always liked working with kids. This will be my third summer as a camp counselor at Camp Recky."


What has been your most valuable takeaway from working with Camp Recky kids? What have you learned about yourself?

"Camp Recky and working with children everyday in general has taught me a lot. It has taught me how to be patient even when I'm frustrated as well as how to handle difficult situations while remaining calm and level headed. It has taught me many leadership and customer service skills that I can use later on in life. Camp has shown me that I'm not the most patient person but has helped me improve in that area. It also taught me the best way to be an effective leader in a way that works with my personality."


Tell us your favorite Camp Recky memory.

"It's hard to pick out one specific memory but in general just creating good meaningful relationships with not only the campers but also the camp staff. I have met some of my best friends by working at camp."


What is the greatest challenge you have faced in this position?

"Working with the campers day in and day out is a blast but it can be really tiring especially when you are doing it for ten weeks straight. The biggest challenge would probably be keeping my energy levels and spirit up all summer and staying positive even on days when things get hectic. We try to plan activities all summer that are fun to help combat this and try to do activities with the staff to keep up the energy all summer long so it is a great experience for every camper and staff member."


Why would you recommend that students apply for positions as Camp Recky counselors?

"I would recommend students to apply for a position at Camp Recky because it is a great way to spend the summer! It's not only fun but it can also teach you skills to be applied later on in life and in future jobs."


How does working for Camp Recky help you live your life in motion?

"Working for Camp Recky helps me live my life in motion by staying active all summer long and playing fun games and activities with the campers all day."