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Feature Friday: Jump Rope Club at Ohio State

What is your year and major? What made you decide to attend The Ohio State University?

I am a senior studying industrial design, pre-medicine. I wanted to come to Ohio State because of the incredible people and opportunities! There was also a gap to start a jump rope team at Ohio State. It became a goal of mine to make that happen. 


Other than jumping rope, what are some of your other hobbies? 

I enjoy working out, music (listening and playing), soccer, drawing and anything active! 


When did you begin jumping rope? What got you interested? 

When I was five years old, I saw jump rope for the first time at an AAU Junior Olympic tournament. There was a jump rope team at the tournament from my hometown. I fell in love with the sport immediately and begged my parents to take me to a jump rope practice. In the beginning, I was terrible at jumping! However, my mom saw how much I loved it and she started learning how to coach and judge the sport. From there, I grew up in jump rope with my mom! Now she and I both coach and are on the World Jump Rope Federation Board. She runs the jump rope competition at the Arnold Sports Festival (and international Arnold Competitions) and I am an Athlete Ambassador.


When did you develop the jump rope club at Ohio State? 

Our club became official in the fall of 2013. In the spring of that year, I got a few of my OSU friends who had never jumped rope before to do the Arnold Speed and Power Jump Rope Challenge with me. They had so much fun learning a new activity that we all became the first members of the Jump Rope Club at OSU.


How many students are now members of the jump rope club? 

We started with four members. Now we have 20 consistent members, most of which had never picked up a jump rope before college!


What makes the jump rope club unique? 

We are unique because we are the first official college jump rope team in the nation. Since our creation, we have helped other universities start teams as well. We will also be hosting the first National College Jump Rope Championships at Ohio State on January 21. We pride ourselves in being leaders and innovators in our sport, becoming an integral part of the growth of jump rope nationally and internationally. We are also the first college team to compete at the World Jump Rope Championships, Pan-American Jump Rope Championships, and National Jump Rope Championships (we also won gold medals at all three!). Our club isn't just unique because we are the only organization on campus that jumps rope. We are a multi-faceted organization. We compete all over the world. We perform for OSU events like Buckeyethon and Relay for Life, Columbus community events like the Worthington Pancake Day or Open Streets Columbus, and on National/Local TV shows like ESPN, CNN, The Ellen Show and Good Day Columbus. We provide workouts for members who are interested in the fitness aspect of jumping rope. We also do a tremendous amount of teaching and outreach across campus, at local elementary schools, and all over the Columbus community. There is something for everyone in the Jump Rope Club and we welcome all! No experience is necessary!


Tell us a little bit more about the National College Jump Rope Championship.

This competition is the first National College Jump Rope Championship event EVER. As the first official college jump rope club, we wanted to host that event at Ohio State. The competition is in the Tom W. Davis Gym in the RPAC from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 21. This is not only a competition, but also a way to share our sport with Ohio State students and Columbus community members. Follwing the competition at 6 p.m., we will be holding a free jump rope workshop!  Here we will teach students how to jump rope. No experience is needed, we will have plenty of jump ropes for people to use. Most imporatantly, it is a walk-in event! Immediately following the workshop we are doing a performance which will feature the Jump Rope Club at OSU, other college teams like Stanford University, a professional jump rope team and an Ohio-based performance team. It's sure to be a lot of fun!


How do you best live a life in motion? What advice would you give to those who might be trying to live a better life in motion? 

I best live a life in motion by finding activities that I love and challenging myself in them! A jump rope only costs a couple of dollars and is one of the healthiest physical activities a person can do.