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Feature Friday - Katie Caldwell

Rec Sports is looking to feature members on campus that embody a healthy lifestyle and a Life in Motion! Take a look at our latest spotlight student, Katie Caldwell. Katie is a recent 2017 graduate and a former member of the Ohio State Women's Club Water Polo team. Read on to hear about Katie's experiences on the team as well as competing at Nationals her senior year! 


Please reflect and tell us why you decided to attend The Ohio State University.

I spent three years visiting my older sister at Ohio State. Eventually, I couldn't see myself going anywhere else. Although I didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I knew I'd find something at Ohio State.


What was your major here at Ohio State? What are your plans now that you have graduated?

I majored in psychology. In about a week I'm moving to Florida to work with the Consumer Insight Market Analytics department of The Walt Disney Company.


What are some of your hobbies? 

I enjoy water polo, reading, hiking and biking.  


When did you start playing water polo? What made you decide to play at the club level in college? 

I started playing in eighth grade. I knew I wanted to continue playing water polo after high school but I didn't want the sport to dominate my college experience. I was lucky enough to find such a developed program at Ohio State.


Did you hold any sort of leadership position on the team? If so, what did you learn from this experience?

No, because I was always involved in other clubs (another benefit of playing a club sport). I was just your everyday player. I like to think that I was a natural leader in the pool though. 


What was the greatest challenge you faced during your career playing water polo?

Our teammate, Katie Johanni, passed away my junior year. She was such an important person in my life and to everyone on our team. I am a defensive-focused player and it was unimaginably difficult to play defense without looking back and seeing her in the goal. Water polo is what brought the two of us together and I am forever thankful.


Tell us about your experiences and emotions from winning the Big Ten and going to Nationals. 

Winning the Big Ten was such an emotional rollercoaster! Not only were we playing against Michigan (the reigning champs), but it was a one point game for all four quarters. Beating Michigan was probably the most exciting moment of my water polo career. Not only did it mean that we were heading to nationals, but it meant that my last season of water polo wasn't over just yet.

Because we had never previously earned a spot at Nationals, we were just excited to be there. We explored Pittsburgh, enjoyed playing tough teams and did our best. In the end, we placed fourth, only behind California teams. For a midwest team that had never even won Big Tens, we did exceptionally well. I think the team will make it back next year and do even better!


What is your biggest takeaway from being on the women's water polo team? What did you learn about yourself?

Sports bring people together. There are so many incredible women that I never would have met without being on this team. Women of different ages, majors, hometowns and interests. This sport always has a way of introducing me to the most genuine, lovely people. I've learned that regardless of their differences, if a group of people shares a common bond, they can accomplish great things.


Now that the season has ended, how are you continuing to live your life in motion? What are some of your current fitness and health goals?

I've always enjoyed an active lifestyle. I love playing racquetball with my dad, lifting, going on bike rides, hiking and playing with the master's water polo team in Cincinnati. I've also been in contact with a master's team in Florida so that when I move I can continue playing water polo. I think my current health/fitness goals are pretty general--I just try to stay active so I feel energized and good about my lifestyle.


What advice would you give to others who are trying to live a better life in motion?

Find something you enjoy. If you're hating your workouts, you're not going to be successful. I think everyone can find a workout that suits them if they're willing to try something new.