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  • Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Molly Hall Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Molly Hall

Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Molly Hall

Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Molly Hall


What made you decide to work for The Ohio State University and Student Life Recreational Sports?

"When I started a family, I wanted to move to Ohio and Ohio State was the only university I considered. It has everything!"


How long have you been involved with Pelotonia?

"This is my first year riding. I have donated in the past."


How many miles are you riding?

"I'm riding 45 miles."


What motivates you to ride?

"I grew up cycling with my dad. He’d wake me up as the sun was rising and we’d be off. It was chilly when we started. I remember watching the sunrise over fields and ponds and listening to him tell stories. I loved it. On the big hills my dad would push the back of my seat to help me get up the hill. When I was away at college my dad joined a bike club and he got pretty good. He rode all over the country, out west, in New York, from one side of Florida to the other. He completed a century ride – 100 miles. My dad was always doing something incredible. My sister and I would join his bike club rides sometimes. The bike club was filled with the nicest people. They were like family. When my dad passed away, they wore their jerseys and carried his casket. They said my dad was “the heart and soul of the bike club”. My sister and I inherited his bikes. I stopped riding. Eventually, I had to get rid of his bikes. I could not look at them. My children have never seen their mommy ride a bike. This year, I decided that I’m done with this holding pattern. I was ready and wanted to start riding again. I think it would make my dad incredibly happy. And if I can do that AND help raise money for cancer research, well…sounds like a good plan to me."


Tell me your favorite story from participating in Pelotonia.

"When my friend asked me when I was going to South America. I asked her why she thought I was going to South America. She said, "Aren't you riding in Patagonia?" That made me laugh really hard."


What has been the biggest challenge you faced while participating in Pelotonia? How did you overcome that setback?

"Getting on a bike after 10 years and going on long rides without my dad, just learning how to do that. It's been brutiful. I was riding with his old bike club this weekend and I got smoked. I wasn't even riding in thier dust, I had to squint to see them in the distance. I was left with my own thoughts for over 20 miles. Biking is like that. There is stillness in it and you have to choose what you're going to do with that stillness. I focused on appreciating the scenery and appreciating that although I was in the very back of the pack, I was still a part of the pack. I was participating - finally - after 10 years."


Aside from Pelotonia, what lifestyle/work out goals are you currently looking to achieve?

"I want to further my knowledge and experience in yoga."


How do you best live a Life in Motion? What advice would you give to those who might be trying to live a better Life in Motion?

"Just make the time. You have to put your wellness as a main priority in your life or other things will take over. Start with walking each day. It's one of the best things you can do for yourself."