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  • Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Rachel Poretsky Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Rachel Poretsky

Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Rachel Poretsky

Feature Friday Pelotonia Edition: Rachel Poretsky


What made you decide to attend the Ohio State University? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an Ohio State fan, so when the time came around to applying for college, Ohio State was by far my top choice. I wanted a big school with lots of opportunities, and that’s exactly what Ohio State has given me.


How long have you been involved with Pelotonia?

I have been involved with Pelotonia for a little over a year now.


What is your current role with Pelotonia?

 I am a rider this year!


What made you want to become involved in the organization?

I chose to be involved in Pelotonia when I found out about their internship program. I was already involved in BuckeyeThon and I couldn’t think of a better internship to help me continue pursuing my passion for ending cancer. The impact that the Pelotonia community has made in the past 8 years is so incredible and that is the main reason I chose to become a part of this organization.


How many miles are you riding this year?

This summer I will be riding 55 miles from New Albany to Gambier!


What motivates you to ride?

I am motivated to ride by the thousands of others who have ridden before me and who I will ride with this summer. Cancer is something that affects all of us in some way, and if riding my bike and raising money can be a small part of helping find a cure, then it’s truly the least I could do. Additionally, working with the Pelotonia staff last summer inspired me to continue my involvement. That group of people is so passionate about the work they are doing every day and after being surround by such a kind, driven team, there was no way I wouldn’t be involved again this summer.


Tell me your favorite story from participating in Pelotonia.

My favorite story from my involvement with Pelotonia was watching my friend, and fellow intern, finish her ride last summer. Her dad had very recently battled cancer, so she rode for him, and watching her cross the finish line and hug her dad at the end was a moment I will never forget. Ride weekend is filled with so many moments like this, and being able to experience those moments after a summer of hard work was beyond rewarding.


What has been the biggest challenge you faced while participating in Pelotonia? How did you overcome that setback?

My biggest challenge in terms of participating is figuring out the best way to train. Until this summer, I had never ridden a road bike, let alone road such a great distance, so creating a plan to help get myself in the best possible shape for ride weekend has been challenging. So, I have been training with some friends because they motivate me to push harder and riding is so much more fun with other people!


Aside from Pelotonia, what lifestyle/work out goals are you currently looking to achieve and what is the process to get there?

Pelotonia is by far my biggest goal right now, but in general I do my best to stay in shape. I try to work out 4-5 times a week and I usually like to mix it up to keep myself on my toes. I’m definitely a planner, so I block off time in my calendar each day for my workout so that I am making sure that I am making that time for myself. Getting that calendar reminder to workout keeps me accountable!


How do you best live a life in motion? What advice would you give to those who might be trying to live a better Life in Motion?

My best piece of advice would be to find friends to work out with! Having that little bit of extra pressure from someone else to work hard is just the push you’ll need to keep yourself on track! Work out buddies are great, especially when trying new things. I always have a blast when I’m working out with my friends and the social part of that makes me want to work out more often!