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Lower Body focused DIY Workout

March 17, 2021

Download the written workout from the right side of this page for a lower body focused workout you can complete anytime, anywhere. Created by our certified group fitness instructor, Madison L., this workout will provide you with safe and effective exercises to strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings and core muscles.

If newer to working out, try completing this workout with just your bodyweight first. Once you feel strong and stable performing an exercise, add the resistance bands back in and work to maintain a similar movement pattern and range of motion.

Constantly watching the clock or counting reps? Try moving to the music instead! Increase time over tension by lowering and lifting into movement for 2-counts each. Emphasize power by lowering for 3-counts and exploding back to start for 1-count. Or just let your body groove to the music, doing one exercise during the chorus and one during the verse. Need a soundtrack for your workout? We recommend Madison’s throwback Early 2000s Workout Mix!

Check out our Fitness Resources page for more written workouts and helpful tips to keep living your best Life in Motion!