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Ohio State Cyclist, Jen Malik, takes the National Championship Title

Last week, Jen Malik claimed the Collegiate Club Cyclocross National title in Reno, Nevada. Jen is the first person from the team to win nationals. 

Cyclocross is an off-road form of cycling where you race for a given amount of time (for Jen, it is 40 - 50 minutes), around a 1.2 - 2.2 mile closed course. The course features various obstacles such as barriers, sand, and steep hills that you have to run up. 

The season begins in September and continues through February, forcing competitors to race in all different weather conditions, making each course unique. 

Last year, Jen placed third at Nationals in Hartford, CT, making her goal to be on top of the podium this year. She planned to go hard from the start and hop over the gap, to create a good lead of OSU. Despite some challenges including a flattened tire, Malik was able to finish the race first, with over a minute lead, winning a National Championship Title for Ohio State.