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Recreational Sports and COVID-19

Welcome back to Student Life Recreational Sports!

In addition to all available federal, state, local and university guidelines, Student Life Recreational Sports will also follow the guidance of national sports governing bodies to ensure physical distancing practices and other safety protocols are in place. Additional information is available on the university's Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website

The RPAC, JOS, NRC, ARC and OAC are now open. Our hours are subject to change and we encourage you to check our website for updated hours before you visit.  

Please review the following before beginning your workout. We ask that all members follow these guidelines while in our facilities: 

Face Mask Required

  • All members are required to wear a face mask in common spaces.
  • Members must wear a mask until beginning strenuous activity and masks must be replaced immediately after.
  • A mask must be worn during activities including but no limited to: climbing, bouldering, weight lifting (including spotters), walking, and pickleball.

Per the American Heart Assocation 

Vigorous intensity activities will push your body a little further. They will require a higher amount of effort. You’ll probably get warm and begin to sweat. You won’t be able to talk much without getting out of breath.

Examples of vigorous-intensity aerobic activities

  • hiking uphill or with a heavy backpack
  • running
  • swimming laps
  • aerobic dancing
  • tennis (singles)
  • cycling 10 miles per hour or faster
  • jumping rope

Physical Distancing

  • Please keep six feet between you and other members.

Wash Your Hands

  • Hand washing should take place often, including pre and post workout.
  • Restrooms and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility.


  • Equipment has been moved to facilitate physical distancing. Ask our staff if you can’t find your favorite piece.
  • Wipes and/or spray bottles are available. Please clean your equipment before and after each use.
  • Our staff will be cleaning on increased intervals.
  • Equipment checkout is not available. Please bring your own equipment (yoga mats, locks, etc.).

Modified Activities and Limitations

  • Some activities and spaces may not be available. 
  • In our initial weeks of opening the focus will be on cardio, strength and lap swimming.
  • Please see the Student Life Return to Campus Plan for more details about available activities.


  • Facilities will have capacity limits so please do not linger after you finish your workout.
  • Facilities will have designated entrances and exits.
  • The Scarlet Skyway will be closed.
  • Family Hours are currently paused.
  • Guest passes and new memberships are currently limited for students, facilty and staff.

Contactless Transactions Available

  • Credit, debit or BuckID payments are accepted for reduced contact payment options.
  • Memberships may be renewed online.

If you have had COVID -19 (Coronavirus) it is important to know:  

  • Coronavirus may cause heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis 
  • Vigorous exercise with myocarditis can increase risk for heart rhythm problems
  • Once viral symptoms resolve, it is important to slowly increase the intensity of your exercise being aware of any heart symptoms

If you have heart symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeats, near passing out or passing out, please seek medical help.

Please depart the facility after you have completed your workout to help support occupancy levels and access for all members. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance. If you have feedback please email us at