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Recreational Sports and COVID-19

Welcome back to Student Life Recreational Sports!

In addition to all available federal, state, local and university guidelines, Student Life Recreational Sports will also follow the guidance of national sports governing bodies to ensure physical distancing practices and other safety protocols are in place. Additional information is available on the university's Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website

The RPAC, JOS, NRC, ARC and OAC are now open. Our hours are subject to change and we encourage you to check our website for updated hours before you visit.  


Lap Swimming Update - April 5, 2021

Beginning Monday, April 5, the limit for all Open Rec Lap Swim lanes will be increased to two swimmers per lane. Two swimmers who wish to share a lane may do so following the guidelines below: 

  • Wear a mask until you enter the water
  • Use a basket available at the pool to store your mask and belongings while you swim, if needed
  • Maintain physical distancing upon entry, exit and while stopping at the ends of the lane
  • Swimmers with two per lane may split a lane or circle swim as long as physical distancing is maintained
  • Use of lanes for activities other than rec swim requires a reservation--private instruction is not allowed


Open Recreation Update - February 12, 2021

Some open recreation sports will return spring semester 2021. Click here for the list of sports along with details and restart dates. All participants must show a green check on their health passport and have signed the facility access waiver. Please visit if you still need to sign the waiver. Masks are required while participating in any open rec sports and at all times while in the recreation facilities.


Please review the following before beginning your workout. We ask that all members follow these guidelines while in our facilities: 

Operations Update - January 11, 2021

As we start the new semester, we want to thank you for your continued efforts to promote a safe and healthy Ohio State community and also bring to your attention a new operational procedure that has gone into effect.

Anyone accessing the recreation facilities, including for academic classes, will need to show a green status from their Daily Health Report to proceed through the access control point at all recreation facilities. Read more here

Operations Update - November 19, 2020

Masks must be worn at all times except while swimming. Outdoor tennis courts and sand volleyball will not be available for play. Open recreation basketball, pickleball and badminton are not currently available.

Face Mask Required - updated November 13, 2020

  • All members are required to wear a face mask at all times except when in the pool swimming. 
  • Masks must cover the nose, mouth and chin.
  • Members must wear a mask during all activity and should modify their activity level to accommodate wearing a mask.

Physical Distancing

  • Please keep six feet between you and other members.

Wash Your Hands

  • Hand washing should take place often, including pre and post workout.
  • Restrooms and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility.


  • Equipment has been moved to facilitate physical distancing. Ask our staff if you can’t find your favorite piece.
  • Wipes and/or spray bottles are available. Please clean your equipment before and after each use.
  • Our staff will be cleaning on increased intervals.
  • Equipment checkout is not available. Please bring your own equipment (yoga mats, locks, etc.).

Modified Activities and Limitations

  • Some activities and spaces may not be available. 
  • In our initial weeks of opening the focus will be on cardio, strength and lap swimming.
  • Please see the Student Life Return to Campus Plan for more details about available activities.


  • Facilities will have capacity limits so please do not linger after you finish your workout.
  • Facilities will have designated entrances and exits.
  • The Scarlet Skyway will be closed.
  • Family Hours are currently paused.
  • Guest passes and new memberships are currently limited for students, facilty and staff.

Contactless Transactions Available

  • Credit, debit or BuckID payments are accepted for reduced contact payment options.
  • Memberships may be renewed online.


If you have had COVID -19 (Coronavirus) it is important to know:  

As we learn more about the immediate and lasting effects of COVID-19, we will continue to update guidance to our campus community. We are advising those who have tested positive or been otherwise diagnosed with COVID-19 to avoid high-intensity exercise for a minimum of six weeks, potentially longer, and should be determined in consultation with your physician or healthcare professional. We also recommend that before resuming strenuous activity, those recovering from COVID-19 should be cleared by their physician or other health care professional before re-starting high-intensity exercise. Myocarditis is a heart muscle inflammation that affects some who have been infected with COVID-19. High-intensity exercise with myocarditis can increase risk for heart rhythm problems.

If you have heart symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeats, near passing out or passing out, please seek medical help.

Please depart the facility after you have completed your workout to help support occupancy levels and access for all members. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance. If you have feedback please email us at