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Recreational Swimming Guidelines


Lap Swimming Update - April 5, 2021

Beginning Monday, April 5, the limit for all Open Rec Lap Swim lanes will be increased to two swimmers per lane. Two swimmers who wish to share a lane may do so following the guidelines below: 

  • Wear a mask until you enter the water
  • Use a basket available at the pool to store your mask and belongings while you swim, if needed
  • Maintain physical distancing upon entry, exit and while stopping at the ends of the lane
  • Swimmers with two per lane may split a lane or circle swim as long as physical distancing is maintained
  • Use of lanes for activities other than rec swim requires a reservation--private instruction is not allowed

Recreational Swimming Updated Guidelines

The McCorkle Competition Pool is is open for 6 lanes of recreational swimming with no reservation. There is a maximum of 2 swimmers per lane in the competative pool. The lap and class pool are also available during open hours with no reservation starting on September 10. The Leisure Pool and Leisure Spa and will open in later phases.

Click here to see the current facility usage counts. A line option will be in place when the pools are at capacity. 

Bring a towel, towel service is not available.

General Procedures

Swimmers are encouraged to change at home when possible and arrive in their swimsuit for their swim. The main locker rooms are available for changing, but main locker room showers will be unavailable. Showers for rinsing only before and after pool use will be available in the Private Changing Rooms. Deck changing is prohibited.

All recreational patrons will enter the facility through the RPAC main turnstile entrance and make their way through the facility Recreation Natatorium doors located in the Aquatic Vestibule or through the main locker rooms to access the pool for their swim.

Swimmers are required to wear a mask unless in the water.

Swimmers must maintain appropriate physical distancing while using the facility at all times.

Swimmers must be compliant with the Daily Health Check-In as outlined by the university’s Together as Buckeyes Pledge:

Only access the facility if you can confirm:

  • No Fever
  • No Symptoms
  • No Known Exposure 

Swimmers who wish to do a warm-up or sitting stretches prior to swimming may do so only in designated areas. Swimmers are encouraged to sit upon a towel which they provide. Swimmers must wear a mask during dry warm-up activities that are done pool side.

When two swimmers share a lane it is expected that swimmers “split” the lane rather than circle swim – unless circle swimming is agreed to by both swimmers – and that when resting, they do so only at their entry point or another area physically distanced by not less than 6 feet from the other swimmer. Swimmers should pay special attention to distancing requirements when entering and exiting the pool.

The deck restroom will be closed – patrons may utilize the main locker room restrooms.

Post workout changing will be available in the main RPAC locker rooms. Showers for rinsing only will be available in the Private Changing Rooms.

In addition to required lifeguards and safety staff, additional staff members will be utilized to monitor physical distancing, attend check-in and Private Changing rooms, and to assist with the disinfection of touchpoints, equipment and chairs.

Additional Safety Measures

New procedures and addendums to existing pool rules will be posted in facility.

Lanes in the Class and Lap pools are limited to one swimmer per lane.  Lanes in the competition pool are limited to two swimmers per lane.

Pool water chemistry will be maintained according to local and state health department regulations.

Spas and saunas are closed. While the spa will remain filled, its chlorine levels will be increased to 20 ppm and will be utilized for equipment disinfection and barricaded to prevent entry.

Recreational swimming equipment will be available upon request and will be disinfected between each use. Supplies may be limited depending upon demand.

Swimmers who prefer to use goggles and/or swim caps when swimming must provide their own. The facility will NOT loan these items.

Only high value items will be sent to lost and found, all others will be disposed.

Swimmers with questions should not approach lifeguards, rather they should ask a roving monitor or the staff member at the Recreation Natatorium information table for assistance.