Office of Student Life

Recreational Sports

Community and Campus Programs

Rec Sports provides recreational activities for the larger Ohio State community, which can include students, staff, faculty and their families. Some programs, such as Camp Recky and the Kids Zone, offers childcare and enrichment opportunities for youth, while the Rec Sports Ambassador promotes our department to the entire Ohio State community.

Primary Location: Predominantly at RPAC, but some positions will visit other areas facilities or areas of campus.

Typical Available Hours: Weekdays and weekends and generally during business hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Some positions such as the Rec Sports Ambassador may work evening hours.

Required Certifications: None

Camp Recky Counselor – Camp Recky is a camp for students aged 5 to 14 offered at various times of the year. Counselors develop, implement and oversee various program activities, including sports and games, aquatics and creative arts. Counselors closely supervise and make connections with campers to ensure a cohesive camping environment that serves everyone. Pay starts at $13 an hour! 

Community Programs Student Coordinator 

Rec Sports Ambassador – As representatives of our department, ambassadors actively foster relationships with students, staff and faculty in order to engage new audiences in Rec Sports offerings. Ambassadors assist in the daily operation, administration and development of numerous programs and events offered by Rec Sports.