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Locker and Towel Services

The RPAC Sport Shop is located between the men's and women's locker rooms on the ground floor. Pick up and exchange your towel, check out items for the games room, reserve equipment, rent a locker and more.

Full Service Locker Rooms

The RPAC offers full service Men’s and Women’s locker rooms featuring large and medium size lockers which can be rented on a semester or annual basis.Daily lockers are also available. Please note Lockers can be purchased at the RPAC Welcome Center and include a towel service. Depending on the time of year, there will be a Locker Lottery system utilized to aid in fairly handling the high demand. Below are details to locker prices as well as the Locker Lottery.

  • Annual Large - $160
  • Annual Medium - $80
  • Semester Large - $80
  • Semester Medium - $40

The Locker Lottery takes place at the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters to help large demand for lockers. The lottery will be made available on the Recreational Sports website and kept open for a pre-determined period of time. Anyone can enter the lottery as many times as they would like. If one should not be chosen in the lottery, then there will still be a first-come, first-serve period to purchase any lockers that might still be available (this is strictly based on potential availability of lockers). Below are the dates for the current academic year.



Lottery Opens

Lottery Closes

Final Date to Claim

First Come, First Serve Opens


 Autumn 2017

Tuesday, August 1, (noon) 

Wednesday, August 23, (noon)

Wednesday, August 30, (noon) 

Friday, September 1 (5:30 a.m.) 

December 31, 2017 

 Spring 2018

Friday, December 1, (noon)

Wednesday, January 3, (noon)

Wednesday, January 10, (noon)

Friday, January 12,  (5:30 a.m.)

 May 31, 2018

Day-Use Lockers 
Free day-use lockers are available in both the men's and women's locker rooms, in the fitness center, in the hallway leading to the aquatic center, on the second floor, and across from the Sport Shop. You can receive towel service at the RPAC with a day locker for $2.

Day lockers are available at the Adventure Recreation Center, Jesse Owens North, and Jesse Owens South.

Locker Renewals
Your locker anniversary date is the last day of the month one calendar year from the date it was rented. If your locker is not renewed or cleaned out on your anniversary date, there will be a $10 fee to receive your collected items.

Towel Service

All members who rent a permanent locker at the RPAC will automatically receive complimentary towel service.  Simply drop your white towel off at the Sport Shop after use and receive a new, clean white towel for the next use.

Other towels are available for purchase at the Sport Shop. Below are the details for towel services pricing.

  • Towel Punch Card - $15 for 30 punches
  • Daily Towel - $2