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Fitness Challenges

Fitness Challenges

Keep your fitness routine fresh with our Fitness Challenge videos! These shorter, specialized workouts are great for squeezing in a quick sweat-sesh on a busy day. Looking for even more of a challenge? Complete one of these videos after a Group Fitness LIVE! class as a final burnout set!


Total Body

Total Body Burnout (25 min)

Total Body HIIT (30 min)

Full Body AMRAP (25 min)


Lower Body

Lunge, Lunge and Lunge Some More (25 min)

Barre Core and Glutes (45 min)

Inner and Outer Thighs, Oh My! (45 min)


Upper Body

Upper Body Towel Challenge (20 min)

Push it to the Limit (Upper Body) (25 min)

Barre Upper Body and Core (45 min)


Cardio and Core

Planks for the Cardio (30 min)

High Intensity Cardio and Core (25 min)