Office of Student Life

Recreational Sports


Pilates/Barre Workouts

These classes utilize ballet, Pilates and yoga-inspired exercises designed to strengthen, sculpt and lengthen your muscles. Targeting your glutes, legs and core, you will improve overall balance, flexibility and strength.

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2/25 Pilates (Dana W.)

2/22 Pilates (Danya S.)

2/18 Pilates (Keely C.)

2/15 Pilates (Lexi H.)

2/11 Pilates (Dana W.)

2/8 Pilates (Danya S.)

2/4 Pilates (Dana W.)

2/1 Pilates (Lexi H.)

1/28 Pilates (Dana W.)

1/25 Pilates (Danya S.)

1/21 Pilates with (Dana W.)

1/18 Pilates (Lexi H.)

1/14 Pilates (Dana W.)

1/11 Pilates (Danya S.)

11/24 Pilates (Lexi H.)

11/19 Pilates (Emily N.)

11/17 Pilates (Keely C.)

11/12 Pilates (Emily N.)

11/10 Pilates (Lexi H.)

11/3 Pilates (Lexi H.)



2/28 Barre (Emily N.)

2/23 Barre (Lauren R.)

2/22 Barre (Keely C.)

2/21 Barre (Aimee C.)

2/16 Barre (Sofia A.)

2/15 Barre (Keely C.)

2/14 Barre (Emily N.)

2/8 Barre (Madison M.)

2/7 Barre (Aimee C.)

2/1 Barre (Keely C.)

1/31 Barre (Aimee C.)

1/26 Barre (Lauren R.)

1/25 Barre (Madison M.)

1/24 Barre (Aimee C.)

1/19 Barre (Sofia A.)

1/18 Barre (Keely C.)

1/17 Barre (Emily N.)

1/12 Barre (Sofia A.)

1/11 Barre (Madison M.)

11/23 Barre (Claire S.)

11/22 Barre (Aimee C.)

11/20 Barre (Keely C.)

11/15 Barre (Keely C.)

11/16 Barre (Claire S.)

11/13 Barre (Keely C.)

11/8 Barre (Keely C.)

11/9 Barre (Claire S.)

11/6 Barre (Keely C.)

11/2 Barre (Claire S.)


Barre Bootcamp

11/20 Barre Bootcamp (Natalie F.)

11/18 Barre Bootcamp (Ashley O.)

11/13 Barre Bootcamp (Natalie F.)

11/11 Barre Bootcamp (Ashley O.)

11/6 Barre Bootcamp (Natalie F.)

11/4 Barre Bootcamp (Ashley O.)