Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

Group Fitness on Demand

Join us for Group Fitness on Demand, a series of fitness classes you can do anytime at home!


Total Body Blast with Andrea

Join group fitness instructor Andrea for this total-body strength and cardio workout! No equipment needed, all levels welcome.


Just HIIT it with Julia

Get in a quick cardio and strength workout with group fitness instructor, Julia. With an emphasis on the legs and core, Julia leads you through 3 rounds of high-intensity, bodyweight exercises. No excuses, just HIIT it!


Core Finisher with Jessica

Need a quick challenge or the perfect finisher for your workout? Join Jessica, personal trainer and group fitness instructor, for this 8-minute core workout. A total of 16 bodyweight exercises for 30-seconds each, Jessica shows how you can adapt each movement to your fitness level. Get ready to feel the burn!


Lower Body Workout with Grace H.

Join group fitness instructor Grace H. for 18-minutes of lower body work. A mix of strength and cardio, this bodyweight workout will strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes leaving your legs nice and toasty!


Ten Minute Core with Lexi 

Challenge your core strength with this quick 10-minute workout. Lexi, one of our group fitness instructors, will guide you through a mixture of dynamic and stabilization core work from both plank and supine positions. You will see each movement once, so feel free to play video as many times as desired!


Energizing Flow with Morgan

Wake up body and mind with this express power yoga flow! Our group fitness yoga instructor, Morgan, will guide you through various yoga poses challenging your stability and flexibility. No previous yoga experience needed, great for all levels!


Lower Body Barre with Claire

Claire, group fitness instructor, for this barre-inspired lower body workout. No equipment needed, but you can add in weights or household objects for resistance to up the intensity. This video targets thighs, calves and glute while getting your heart pumping!


Upper Body Barre with Claire

Looking for a quick workout you can do anywhere? Join Claire, group fitness instructor, for this barre-inspired upper body set! Using dumbbells, cans, water bottles or other household objects, this workout targets everything from your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest.


Gentle Yoga Flow with Sophia

Remember to slow down, be present and “enjoy the little things” with this gentle yoga flow. Yoga instructor Sophia will guide you through various breath practices and movements focused on stretching the body, energizing the soul and calming the mind.


8 Minute Energizer with Andrew

Are looking for a warm-up to prepare for your workout? Or just want to add a little movement break into the day? Join our group fitness instructor, Andrew, for a series of ten dynamic exercises that keep you continuously moving over 8 minutes. You'll be ready to take on whatever is next for your day!


Cardio Core with Mackenzie

Short on time and need a little motivation to get moving? Watch this video to have group fitness instructor, Mackenzie, cheer you on through a mix of cardio and core focused movements!


Upper Body Challenge with Bailey

Join Bailey, group fitness instructor, for a short upper body workout. No equipment needed, but option to incorporate mini-bands if you have them. We guarantee your arms will feel the burn after this one!


Total Body Loop Band Workout with Gillian

Utilizing a loop band, join group fitness instructor, Gillian, for a full-body, 30-minute workout incorporating both strength and cardio! The loop band can be replaced for light weights or no weights.


Core and More with Philip 

This class is low-impact and will focus on the core through strength, a little cardio and Pilates movements. Make no mistake though, Philip will help you get those muscles shaking from the good burn! No equipment is necessary and open to all fitness levels. 


Tabata Core with Andrew 

Join group fitness instructor, Andrew, as he leads you through two tabata rounds, focusing on the core. Tabata is the timing set of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, for 4 minutes. Just 8 short minutes of work will leave your core shakin’! No equipment is necessary and open to all fitness levels. 


Speed Ride with Nicole

Ride with group fitness instructor, Nicole, for this 20-minute, interval based, speed ride. This series can be completed er OR a stationary bike! This class will also include your warm-up and cool-down. Grab your water bottle and ride along with us! 


Lower Body with Mackenzie 

No equipment needed! All you need to join Mackenzie is an open space and an awesome attitude. This 18-minute class will consist of a warm up, two working sets, incorporating two cardio challenges and a cool-down!