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Group Fitness Staff

Meet our Group Fitness Staff:

Ammar A. (Room Monitor)

Ammar is a fourth year Pre-med Psychology major. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, lifting weights, and playing basketball.

Lizzie A. (Instructor)

Lizzie is starting her second year as a graduate student in the combined Sports Nutrition Dietetic Internship and Master's Degree program. She graduated from Penn State in May of 2016 with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Minor in Kinesiology. Lizzie loves to run in the summer, and has enjoyed teaching fitness classes since 2014. Her favorite classes at Ohio State include Circuit Cycle, TRX, and Buckeye Bootcamp. She is excited to continue teaching fitness classes at THE Ohio State University and GO BUCKS.

Alexis B. (Instructor)

Alexis is a 3rd year PhD student studying Biomedical Engineering. Here at the RPAC, you can find her instructing a group fitness class or providing personal training to a client. When she’s not in her research lab or at the RPAC, she enjoys learning new recipes, salsa dancing, watching Netflix, and playing with her dog.

Hannah B. (Room Monitor)

Hannah is a senior majoring in Consumer and Family Financial Services and hopes to be a financial planner upon graduation. In addition to taking advantage of the many fitness classes offered at the RPAC, in her free time she likes to read, do community service, and be involved in her student organizations around campus.

Josh B. (Room Monitor)

Josh is a senior studying Health Sciences with a minor in Biology. He enjoys lifting weights, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and finding dogs on the Oval. Josh hopes to attend medical school after graduation.

Margaret B. (Instructor)

Margaret is a fourth year psychology student hoping to attend grad school in the future to become a physical therapist. She enjoys teaching dance fitness classes at the RPAC, such as Shake it! and Zumba. When she's not dancing in front of a fitness class, you'll most likely find her dancing at the grocery loading up her cart with tons of ice cream, running a lot of miles, baking brownies, attending a sports event, playing tennis, or hiking. 

Nicolle B. (Instructor)

Nicolle is a fourth year marketing major with a minor in music. When she is not teaching Zumba or BOSU Blast, you can find her lifting, listening to music, choreographing, dancing, and singing. Her favorite thing about instructing is watching her participants let their inhibitions go and seeing their true selves. Come try something challenging and exhilarating!

Sam B. (Instructor)

Sam is a third year studying Economics and German. He teaches yoga and power yoga, but loves and encourages all types of group fitness. Sam loves all things music and sports, and when Sam isn't practicing yoga you can find him playing soccer, rock climbing, or hanging out at a local coffee shop.

Sydney B. (Instructor)

Sydney is currently a sophomore with an Anthropology major and a Spanish minor. She hopes to eventually find a career where she can always be traveling. She loves teaching yoga and incorporating aromatherapy during her classes. You may find her in a hammock on the oval or exploring the city if she’s not practicing yoga!

Tayler B. (Room Monitor)

Tayler is a 4th year Speech and Hearing Science major with a minor in Disability Studies. Her favorite class at the RPAC is Zumba and in her free time she loves to dance, try new coffee shops, and read the National Geographic.

Alex C. (Instructor)

Alex is going into his final semester at OSU and will be graduating with a degree in actuarial science.  He has his 200 hour yoga certification and has been teaching yoga since his sophomore year.  He loves seeing people laugh and have fun at his classes.  When he is not teaching he enjoys moving his body in any way possible including running, biking, climbing, and lifting.

Andrea C-B. (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Andrea is a second year studying Health Sciences, with a minor in Biology, on the pre-med track. She first started teaching group fitness when she was 16 and has had a passion for it ever since. Andrea teaches Shake It! and indoor cycle and is excited to keep learning new formats!

Joe C. (Instructor)

Joe is a third year studying Chemical Engineering with a Molecular Genetics minor.  Aside from fitness, he enjoys exploring the local restaurant scene, long walks on the beach, and the occasional marathon.  His favorite classes are ShockWAVE, Circuit Cycle, and Buckeye Bootcamp.

Kayla C. (Instructor)

Kayla is a sophomore and is on the path to major in biology and pursuing onto dental school in hopes to become Dentist! She enjoys spending time at the gym, learning new things about fitness and a healthy lifestyle along with following her favorite fitness Youtubers! She is certified in Schwinn and BOSU, and some of her classes she teaches are Cycle and Circuit Cycle, but she truly loves participating in all of the classes offered here at OSU. She hopes to see you in classes soon!

Kaylen C. (Instructor)

Kaylen is a senior studying Business Marketing with a minor in Media Production and Analysis. She hopes to work in digital marketing in the fashion retail industry, post-graduation. When she is not teaching, you can find her running, studying, or hanging out with her sorority sisters. Kaylen teaches Shake It! Dance classes, where she will constantly encourage you to smile and have fun.

Lauren Cl. (Instructor)

Lauren is a second year marketing major with a huge passion for fitness and the sports industry. She currently teaches strength classes including Cross Training and Kickboxing and is excited to branch out into TRX, and cycle classes in the future. Outside of the gym, Lauren enjoys running, eating ice cream, and finding new adventures.

Lauren Co. (Instructor)

Lauren is a first-year student pursuing International Business and Political Science. If you don't catch her around the RPAC, look to Fisher's Office of Global Business where she also works as a Student Ambassador. With a background in mid-distance running and competitive body-building, Lauren is always trying new ways to create challenging, holistic workouts for herself and her participants. She's a die-hard Ohio State Football fan, an avid tea-drinker, a passionate walk-taker, a stand-up comedy enthusiast, and can talk/argue for days if you let her. 

Lizzie C. (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Lizzie is a fourth-year Animal Science student with a dream of attending OSU's vet school. She has been teaching for almost two years at the RPAC and loves every minute of it. Lizzie mainly teaches yoga classes, but has recently started teaching yogalates classes and is really enjoys it!

Sarah D. (Instructor)

Sarah is in her fourth of five years pursuing a dual-degree in City & Regional Planning and EEDS. She fell in love with group fitness and started teaching indoor cycle and Circuit Cycle after spending her first two years at Ohio State on the varsity rowing team. Outside of the RPAC, you can catch Sarah walking backwards giving tours of campus and (probably) training for her next marathon.

Brooke E. (Instructor)

Brooke is a second year currently teaching Pilates and Circuit Cycle classes. She is studying Special Education with the hopes of one day becoming an occupational therapist.  She loves EDM music and festivals, cats, group fitness, football season, and any kind of cheesy food.

Leslie E. (Instructor)

Leslie is a Dietetics major with a minor in sociology. She spends most of her time at the RPAC whether it's working with facilities, group fitness, or just exercising. She's passionate about health and wellness in the black community and hopes to one day work with treating obesity in minority populations. Try out her dance and cycle classes for a great workout to new and old school hip hop music.

Alice G. (Instructor)

Alice is a fifth year Human Nutrition (Pre-Physical Therapy) major. She has her 200HR yoga certification and Schwinn Cycle certification. Alice loves animals and has an adopted pit bull mix named Eva. Her favorite workout is yoga, but she also loves cycling and circuit workouts.

Annie G. (Instructor)

Annie is a second year Undergraduate student studying Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Statistics with a Pre-Law track. Annie is also a member of Undergraduate Student Government and an active member of PAD law fraternity. She also enjoys running, taking kickboxing classes, and watching Netflix. Annie is excited to meet all of her participants and hopes you come try one out!

Grace G. (Instructor)

Grace is a 3rd year studying Human Resources with a Psychology minor and teaches Zumba, STRONG by Zumba, and TRX.  Outside of group fitness, Grace enjoys eating ice cream, staying active cooking, travelling, and watching OSU football

James H. (Room Monitor/Supervisor)

James is a junior pursuing a sport industry degree with minors in business and youth development. His favorite activity at the RPAC is playing pickup basketball and in his free time, he loves to watch anything relating to sports as well as classic comedy films, eat Mexican food (especially Mad Mex Nachos), participate in service opportunities throughout the greater Columbus area, and spend quality time with his friends discussing politics.

Kristina H. (Room Monitor)

Kristina is a 5th year senior pursuing an ecological engineering degree. Her favorite class at the RPAC is Circuit Cycle and in her free time, she loves to run, watch Netflix, and hang out with her friends.

Melinda H. (Room Monitor/Supervisor)

Melinda is a third year Human Resources major in the Fisher College of Business. Her favorite fitness activity is cycling. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and reading.

Melissa H. (Instructor)

Melissa is a fourth year studying Environmental Engineering. You can find her on the group fitness schedule teaching Circuit Cycle twice a week. In addition to working out, she loves travelling, dogs, and tacos. She runs occasionally too but can't say she actually enjoys it. She hopes to see you in one of her own or one of her fellow instructor’s classes!

Rachel H. (Instructor)

Rachel is currently a sophomore studying Health Sciences. She plans on becoming a Physician’s Assistant with a specialization in orthopedics. You can find her teaching Full Body Challenge. Some of her favorite classes at the RPAC are TRX and Circuit Cycle. Rachel hopes to see you all at her classes!

Sylvia I. (Instructor)

Silvia is going into her third year at Ohio State as a French and World Politics double major. When she is not busy with her student organization, the Collegiate Council on World Affairs, you can find her at the RPAC drinking peanut butter & banana smoothies or teaching yoga. Silvia received her 200 hour RYT at Cleveland Yoga in 2015 with Tami Schneider, a senior Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor. She also completed numerous hours of assistant and teacher trainings at Balanced Yoga in Columbus. Silvia is inspired by EDM and loves to mix electronic/bass heavy songs into her Power Yoga playlists in order to keep students grounded and present. Expect a powerful flow that will challenge your strength, mentally and physically!

Alyssa K. (Instructor)

Alyssa is a second year Health Sciences major with the goal of attending Physician Assistant school.  She teaches Shake It and enjoys taking Zumba and Barre None, followed by an RPAC smoothie.  You can usually find Alyssa dancing, singing, eating ice cream, or looking up pictures of baby goats.

Kayla K. (Instructor)

Kayla is a senior, majoring in Animal Sciences and minoring in Dance. She is contracted with the Army ROTC program and hopes to one day become a military veterinarian. Kayla teaches strength, cycling, barre, and cardio formats including dance and kickboxing. If she is not running or doing push-ups to prepare for her next physical fitness test, chances are you will find her busy in a squat rack!

Laura K. (Instructor)

Laura is a fourth year Information Systems major with a minor in Leadership Studies. She has another job within Student Life and is passionate about inspiring leadership and confidence in participants and others. When she isn’t teaching a variety of Pilates classes, she enjoys volunteering and engaging with the community, both on campus and off.

Naomi K. (Instructor)

Naomi is a third year medical dietetics major, although pizza is a large cornerstone of her diet. When she's not doing yoga she also enjoys musical festivals, stopping to pet every dog she sees, and fantasizing about traveling. 

Divya L. (Instructor)

Divya is a third year studying Health Sciences. She plans on attending Nursing School following undergrad to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. On the schedule, you can find her teaching simply strength and TRX. Divya also loves to attend Circuit Cycle and Indoor Cycle classes. When she is not working out at the RPAC, Divya is hanging out with her friends, studying at the library, or watching Netflix. She is looking forward to seeing new faces in her classes!

Jenny L. (Room Monitor)

Jenny is a senior studying health sciences and biology. Her favorite class at the RPAC is full body challenge. In her free time she loves to do hot yoga, watch movies, and cheer on the Buckeyes.

Marie L. (Instructor)

Marie is currently subbing yoga classes. She is a fourth year pharmacy student. Her favorite fitness class is any one that she can take with her friends. Marie was born on Ohio State campus and can't wait for football season every year!

Tori L. (Room Monitor)

Tori is a senior studying psychology. She enjoys all types of exercise but particularly likes strength training. She also loves dogs (and all other animals), cooking, baking, and hiking.

Ali M. (Instructor)

Ali is a senior majoring in medical dietetics and minoring in dance. Ali is a barre none group fitness instructor.  She does not have a favorite form of fitness... Ali loves to challenge herself and is always open to trying new things. You might be able to find Ali dancing down high street. Her positive personality is contagious which you will find out if you take her classes!

Becca M. (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Becca is an exercise science student who is passionate about helping others find a love for fitness. She teaches a large variety of dance classes as well as cross training. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching the participants' abilities and confidence grow week by week. When she's not teaching classes she's drinking coffee, playing ukulele, or laughing at her own jokes. Maybe all three.

Clayton M. (Room Monitor)

Clay is an ACE certified personal trainer and a third year student studying Psychology. He intends to do post- baccalaureate study in how psychology influences exercise and athletics. Clay's favorite fitness activities are weighted sled work and unique circuit training. When he is not training, he enjoys playing video games, catching up on sleep, and finding unique ways to replenish all the calories he just burnt.

Colleen M. (Room Monitor)

Colleen is a senior studying neuroscience with a minor in business. You'll find her studying at Thompson, running on the Olentangy, cooking in her kitchen, or spending time with friends.

Lydia M. (Room Monitor)

Lydia is a sophomore pursuing a degree in operations management at the Fisher College of Business. During her free time, she loves attending concerts, exploring the Short North, and painting! A couple of her favorite classes are Hip Hop Fitness and Zumba- late night Zumba is especially fun! 

Tori M. (Instructor)

Tori is a fourth year dental student who loves teeth and fitness! She received her BS in Nutrition from OSU in 2013 and went straight into the dental program. Tori teaches Circuit Cycle, Cardio Barbell and Full Body Challenge. She loves inspiring and motivating participants, patients and anyone she encounters in life. She lives by the quote, "Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

Ben O. (Instructor)

Ben is a junior studying Neuroscience. He enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle through everything from swimming and lifting weights to playing tennis and walking around campus. Ben loves BiBiBop, music and learning about miscellaneous topics as he was the captain of his high school's quiz bowl team.

Holly P. (Instructor)

Holly is a Yoga instructor and is a second year graduate student, studying Human Nutrition.  She hopes to complete her degree and go on to research in Japan.  Her favorite classes include Yoga, IndoRow, and TRX.

Adit S. (Room Monitor/Supervisor)

Adit is a third-year international student from India. He is a Chemical Engineering major with a business minor. He is a part of the OSU Squash Club. He loves to run and play soccer. Traveling, riding motorcycles and deejaying are his greatest interests.

Alyssa S. (Instructor)

Alyssa is a junior studying Exercise Science. She plans to continue her education in Physical Therapy school after graduation. Alyssa's favorite fitness activity is going for trail runs. She is an adventurer and a peanut butter addict. When Alyssa is not busy teaching group fitness classes, she is daydreaming about being surrounded by palm trees under the warm sun on a beach somewhere. 

Cara S. (Room Monitor/Supervisor)

Cara is a junior pursuing an operations management major with a minor in organizational communications.  Her favorite class at the RPAC is pilates in her free time, she loves to read, watch movies, and try new restaurants with her friends.

Jaclyn S. (Instructor)

Jaclyn is a third-year graduate student pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Public Health and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She began teaching yoga at the RPAC during her time as an undergraduate at OSU, and has her 200-hour yoga teaching certification. Her favorite fitness activities (other than yoga!) are TRX and Circuit Cycle classes, hiking, and rock climbing.

Kaitlyn S. (Instructor)

Kaitlyn is a senior majoring in Animal Sciences with the end goal of attending an Occupational Therapy graduate program. You'll always find this girl on the go as she loves to take her fitness goals to higher levels and try new fitness classes! While she teaches Barre None, Circuit Cycle, Pilates and TRX here at the RPAC, she also enjoys running, strength training and yoga. Catch her at one of her classes this year!

Lillian S. (Instructor)

Lillian is a fourth year student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies. She teaches Barre and began teaching Indoor Cycle this summer. This fall she is teaching a couple barre classes and the NEW Cycle+Barre class. In her free time, Lillian enjoys singing, designing clothes, and playing basketball. 

Paige S. (Room Monitor)

Paige is a junior majoring in political science with minors in business and communications technology. Her favorite classes at the RPAC are Zumba, Shake It! and anything dance related. In her free time, she loves to hang out with friends, cook yummy meals, and watch murder mystery documentaries, on Netflix, with her housemates.

Meghan U. (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Meghan is a junior studying biology. She is 200-hour yoga certified and currently teaches Power Yoga. She loves coffee, traveling, and watching Game of Thrones with her roommates. Fun fact: she was in the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!

Evan V. (Instructor)

Evan is a graduate of The Breathing Space HYTT 200-hour program, a Registered Yoga School, and has been teaching for five years. Coming from a family of yogis, Evan understands Asana and leads a physically eclectic and ever evolving class tailored towards full body balance, functional strength, and movement complexity.

Alec W. (Room Monitor)

Alec is a senior pursuing an accounting major with a minor in computer information science. He hopes to one day be a CFO of a company. When Alec isn't studying, he enjoys exercising, playing basketball, and spending time with his friends.

Josie W. (Instructor)

Josie is a second year Medical Dietetics major. She teaches Indoor Cycle and Circuit Cycle, and loves anything food or fitness. Her favorite food of all time is ice cream (any kind). She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and searching for the best coffee in Columbus.

Olivia W. (Instructor)

Olivia is a junior majoring in Health and Wellness. She started doing yoga her freshman year of high school and completed her 200-hour teacher training in summer of 2016. When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, she loves coffee, napping, and walking outside. 

Victoria W. (Instructor)

Victoria is in her second year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program here at OSU.  You can find her on the schedule teaching Simply Strength, TRX, and Circuit Cycle.  Other than working out, Victoria likes pugs, OSU football, reading, and watching TV.  She hopes to see you in one of her classes soon!

Jen Z. (Room Monitor)

Jen is a junior majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Individual and Clinical Differences with the goal of obtaining a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Her favorite classes at the RPAC are TRX and power yoga. In her free time, she loves to take pictures, watch the sunset and sunrise, sleep, work out, and try new restaurants with her friends.