Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

Group Fitness Staff

Meet our Group Fitness Staff:

Christina A.  (Instructor)

Christina is a Human Nutrition and International Development student who loves sharing her love of yoga with others. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing her participants gain a stronger awareness of their bodies and minds through yoga. When she's not teaching classes, she's eating gluten-free goodies, going to other amazing group fitness classes, or catching up on her long list of favorite TV shows. 

Danyelle A.  (Instructor)

Danyelle is a Biology major and Spanish minor who has a passion for encouraging participants to get out of their comfort zone and to have fun with fitness. She teaches Zumba and her favorite aspect of teaching is seeing participants show confidence in their movements. When she is not choreographing new songs, she enjoys laughing with her friends and drinking coffee.

Katie A.  (Instructor)

Katie is a fourth year social work student who has passion for all things yoga.  While she teaches a wide variety of yoga classes, all of her classes emphasize the mind, body, and breath connection. This past summer she went to India to gain her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga to help further her personal practice in addition to her teaching style.  Outside of yoga you can find Katie hiking, taking on new adventures, creating art, watching survivor, or hanging out with friends. 

Sam B.  (Instructor) 

Sam is a fifth year Economics student who also happens to love all things fitness. He teaches yoga here at OSU and is a fan of all things mind/body related. When he's not on his mat you can find him rock climbing or at the local coffee shop hanging out!   

Sydney B.  (Instructor) 

Sydney is currently a junior with an Anthropological Sciences major and minors in Spanish and Forensic Science. She hopes to eventually find a career where she can always be traveling. She loves teaching yoga and incorporating aromatherapy during her classes. You may find her in a hammock on the oval or exploring the city if she’s not practicing yoga!

Lauren B.  (Instructor) 

Lauren is in the graduate program for Physical Therapy and is passionate about sharing the enjoyment of health with others.  She teaches and subs a variety of classes and has her ACE Group Fitness Certification, Strong by Zumba, and Zumba license.  Her favorite thing about teaching is the friendships and laughs formed through group fitness, and the growth that results.  When she's not teaching classes, she enjoys staying active, running, doing triathlons, and spending time with friends and family.

Philip B.  (Instructor)

Philip is a marketing student enrolled in the Integrated Business and Engineering program. This yogi always enjoys a challenge in his classes and always enjoys seeing people try new things in his classes and build on their skills. He is also a portrait photographer who lives off of Spotify and coffee. 

Annmarie B.  (Instructor) 

Annmarie is a third year human development and family science major. She teaches cycle and strength classes. Her favorite part about being an instructor is the community group fitness creates. Outside of fitness, Annmarie likes to listen to music, paint, and eat yummy food. 

Veronica B.  (Instructor) 

Veronica is pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering, and has a strong love for fitness-- especially yoga. Her favorite thing about teaching is giving a room full of participants a peaceful place to forget their worries. When she's not teaching, she’s going to football games, adventuring to cool joints around town, or hanging with friends!

Kayla C.  (Instructor)

Kayla is a Biology student who is focusing on becoming a dentist. She is passionate about helping others fall in love with who they are from the inside and out, which is where fitness fits in for her. She teaches circuit cycle as it has become her favorite form of teaching. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the detection week in and week out. Her participants never cease to amaze her. When she is not teaching she is usually working at one of three jobs, hanging out at the library or just relaxing with a cup of coffee and her dog, Max. 

Devin C.  (Instructor)

Devin is a third year studying Industrial & Systems Engineering with a focus in Human Factors/Design. She currently teaches strength training classes and is looking forward to teaching other formats such as cardio kickboxing and circuit cycle. Outside of fitness, she enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring Columbus.

Andrea C-B.  (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Andrea Castillo-Beroes is a Health Sciences major with a minor in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is incredibly passionate about fitness and has been an instructor for 6 years! Andrea is certified to teach dance, cycle and strength classes. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing her participants come back to class and work harder and harder each week. When she is not teaching she loves to attend music festivals, go shopping or binge watch shows on Netflix. 

Alex C.  (Instructor)

Alex is a third year student currently studying Neuroscience and Philosophy. He teaches cycling classes to participants of all experience levels and loves to create an atmosphere for all to challenge as well as enjoy themselves and each other. Alex enjoys climbing mountains (in real life, not ONLY on the bikes), literature, and analyzing TV and movies!

Lauren C.  (Instructor) 

Lauren is a fourth year marketing major with a huge passion for fitness and the sports industry. She currently teaches strength classes including TRX and Kickboxing and is excited to branch out into cycle classes in the future. Outside of the gym, Lauren enjoys running, eating ice cream, talking way too much, and finding new adventures.

Zoe C.  (Instructor) 

Zoe is a business major with a specialization in marketing and accounting and a minor in French. She has been teaching Pilates and Barre group fitness classes since January 2018 and has recently also picked up some cycle classes. Her favorite thing about teaching group fitness is coming up with new class plans and playlists and getting to talk to participants after class. When she is not teaching classes she is usually doing yoga, drinking coffee, or watching Netflix.

Bailey C.  (Instructor)

Bailey is a psychology/ pre medicine student who loves to get people as excited about fitness as she is! She teaches a variety of strength classes including TRX and also teaches circuit cycle. Her favorite thing about teaching is getting people to see a workout as a fun stress reliever instead of a chore. She loves to headbang and rock out while she works out so if you like dubstep and rock n’ roll her class is the place to be!! When she’s not teaching classes or studying she loves to go to concerts and festivals and get down on the dance floor! 

Cameron C.  (Instructor)

Cameryn is a Nutrition Science and Dietetics major with a minor in Spanish. She has brought her love of all things nutrition related to the RPAC to teach cycling classes! Her favorite thing about teaching, besides the great music, is getting to connect with other students at OSU in a unique way through fitness and a good sweat. When she's not teaching classes she is busy in her sorority, AEPhi, drinking coffee or binge watching friends for the 1000 time.

Maeve C.  (Instructor) 

Maeve is a physics major who loves taking time to step back from work and practice yoga. Maeve teaches all formats of yoga offered at the RPAC: Power, Sunrise, and Relaxation. Her favorite thing about teaching is connecting with the participants and being part of the Ohio State yoga community. When she’s not teaching classes, she’s probably studying in SEL, getting brunch with her friends, eating sweet potatoes (serious addiction), playing piano, or doing yoga (duh).

Lauren C.  (Instructor)

Lauren studies International Business and Political Science with a focus in foreign policy. She is passionate about raising awareness for mental health and empowering her participants to work towards their goals while building community. Her favorite classes to teach are Cardio Barbell and TRX, as she specializes in strength and cycle formats. When Lauren's not teaching, she's creating positive change on campus through her other involvements.

Lily D.  (Instructor)

Lily is an International Studies and Spanish double major, with a minor in a Professional Writing. She is passionate about teaching fitness classes because it makes her feel like she has a true place on campus that stretches beyond just being a student. Lily loves to see new and old participants giving it their all in her classes, and it is always the highlight of her week! Her favorite things include trying new foods, drinking coffee, working out, and finding fun new music!

Danni D.  (Instructor)

Danni is a third year logistics major with a great passion for health and wellness. She loves to share that passion with others through teaching any and all strength formats. Being able to foster both physical and mental growth for these participants is the most rewarding part of her job. When she’s not teaching she is most likely planning her next trip around the world, drinking a white monster or cheering on the bucks with her besties! 

Claudia E.  (Instructor) 

Claudia is a medical laboratory sciences major who also has a passion for fitness. She teaches TRX, Rise and Grind, and Ropes and Rowers as well as a barre outreach for the med students. She loves getting to know her participants and seeing her participants achieve their fitness goals throughout the course of the semester. Her other hobbies include playing golf, watching Ohio State football, and going to the beach. 

Brooke E.  (Instructor) 

Brooke is a fourth year who teaches Pilates, Barre, Barre Boost and Circuit Cycle classes. She is studying Special Education and plans to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy.  She loves EDM music and festivals, cats, group fitness, football season, and any kind of cheesy food.

Leslie E.  (Instructor)

Leslie is a human nutrition - dietetics major who is interested in helping individuals who struggle with weight loss and eating a healthy diet. She is in her fourth and year in undergraduate, but plans to go to graduate school for exercise science. She teaches dance, strength, and cycle so look for her classes on the schedule!

Ian E.  (Instructor)

Ian is an economics and business student who is passionate about helping people find their love of yoga and expand their practice. His favorite thing about teaching yoga is creating challenging classes and helping OSU yogis improve with every class. In his free time Ian enjoys backpacking, running and exploring Columbus.

Ally E.  (Instructor)

Ally is a chemistry major and dance minor who loves to teach and help people have fun while staying fit. She teaches Zumba and loves seeing the smiles on her participants faces each week in class. She is always moving and is so excited to be able to share a way to combine fitness with dancing. Outside of teaching Zumba class and dancing, she loves coffee, online shopping, the show Friends, and trying new yummy foods.

Lauren F.  (Instructor)

I am a Junior from New York studying Operations Management. I teach Barre, but I love all kinds of group fitness classes and try to add as much variability I can to my workout regime! In my free time I love to spend time with my family and friends.

Natalie F.  (Instructor)

Natalie is a second year student studying Industrial & Systems engineering. She hopes to one day combine her interests of fashion and engineering to work in the fashion industry. She currently teaches cycle and is looking forward to getting trained in other formats. She loves meeting new people and is very excited to meet all of her participants in class!

Samantha G.  (Instructor)

Samantha is a psychology student with a minor in Spanish who is passionate about living her best life.  She shares her love for fitness with participants of her cycle and strength classes through diverse class plans and upbeat, exciting music. Her personality really shines through her playlist. Her favorite part of group fitness is seeing people work as a team and cheer one another on to be their best selves! When she's not teaching, catch her in Raney House as an RA or hammocking with an iced mocha coffee in hand (almond milk for the win)!

Grace G.  (Instructor)

Grace is a fourth year Human Resources major who teaches Zumba, 30/30 Barbell and TRX!  She loves watching participants go out of their comfort zone and try something new.  Outside of teaching group fitness, Grace loves eating ice cream, cooking/baking and watching Fixer Upper.

Annie G.  (Instructor) 

Annie is a political science student who loves making participants feel strong and confident in and out of class. Her favorite part about teaching is meeting participants and ensuring their hour with Annie is worthwhile. She teaches cycle, strength, and kickboxing classes and is currently helping debut 30/30 barbell. Outside of teaching, Annie loves to watch reality TV, run, and eat soup.

Lexi H.  (Instructor)

Lexi is a first year student on the path to major in Nutritional Science. She is the youngest of three to attend The Ohio State University. Lexi loves teaching Pilates Express and she also attends a lot of the group fitness classes! Outside of group fitness Lexi loves her dogs, being outside, and eating good food. 

Matt H.  (Instructor)

Matt is a finance student who loves helping people realize their potential is so much greater than they perceive it to be. He teaches TRX, cycle, and strength classes. While there are many amazing things about teaching group fitness, his favorite part is seeing participants start to love the most difficult sets over time. Outside of group fitness, Matt enjoys weight training, swimming, and is a member of the club tennis team. During his free time, you will find him spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends, trying out as many Columbus restaurants as he can, and listening to music. 

Rachel H.  (Instructor) 

Rachel is a Health Science major with a minor in Biology. Fitness is something she has always been passionate about and she loves being able to share that passion with her participants! She teaches a variety of strength and cycle classes such as TRX and Circuit Cycle. She also loves to attend Ohio State Football Games, watch Netflix and hang out with friends.

Brian H.  (Instructor)

Brian is an EEDS major that loves to field others find the excitement they have for exercise and wellness. He teaches Late night Zumba as well as cycle, barre, and other dance fitness classes. His favorite things are his excessive houseplant collection and to break it down like Beyoncé.

Gillian J.  (Instructor)

Gillian is a special education student who would do anything for her kiddos. She teaches a variety of mind-body classes such as power yoga, yoga playground, and barre boost. Her favorite thing about teaching is building community with her participants throughout the semester. When she's not teaching at the RPAC or at a school, you can find her sleeping in, eating chicken & waffles all over Columbus, or spending too much money at farmer's markets.

Abby K.  (Instructor)

Abby is a yoga instructor who loves helping others find peace through their yoga practice. When she's not teaching yoga, she is happiest spending time in nature with the people she loves. She enjoys cooking, laughing, and listening to music as well. Abby is involved in many areas of campus, and is passionate about empowering others as she studies in the College of Social Work. 

Sagen K.  (Instructor)

Sagan is a psychology student with a background in dance. She teaches Barre None and Shake it! with choreographed workouts to popular songs. She loves to incorporate cardio training, strength movements, and dance technique into her classes. When she’s not focusing on her classes, Sagan enjoys singing and playing piano. She encourages everyone to come check out her style and become part of the crew! 

Andrew K.  (Instructor)

Andrew is a business student studying accounting. He has always lived an active lifestyle. He grew up playing sports year round, and although he is playing less competitive sports now, he has replaced that time with time spent at the gym. He teaches strength classes and is looking to add cycle in the future. His favorite thing about teaching is giving the participants an outlet for the everyday stressors that occur in life - as that is the greatest benefit he gets from being a participant in the classes, and is what he wants to be able to give back to others. When not teaching, you can find him hanging out with friends, studying, reading (all kinds of NY Times Bestsellers), and/or practicing his mindfulness skills.

Andrea K.  (Instructor)

Andrea teaches various cycle, barre and strength classes. Her favorite part of teaching is creating new class plans to get people motivated. When she’s not teaching, she’s studying for her Spanish major, traveling, or listening to Taylor Swift. 

Kayla K.  (Instructor)

Kayla is a first-year professional student in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Her goal is to become a small animal veterinarian specializing in either radiology or surgery. She is also a field medical assistant for a forward surgical team in the United States Army Reserves. Kayla teaches strength, cycling, barre, and cardio formats including dance and kickboxing. Outside of her veterinary studies & teaching group fitness, Kayla enjoys dancing, skiing, traveling, and event planning.

Victoria K.  (Instructor) 

Victoria is a third-year Human Resources major from the Cleveland area. She found her passion for group fitness here at Ohio State and is excited to be able to pass it on to others every week! Victoria currently teaches Zumba classes but will be expanding her training into other areas soon. When she is not in front of participants you could find her giving tours to prospective students at the business school, meal-prepping, or watching Cleveland sports.

Naomi K.  (Instructor)

Naomi is a medical dietetics student who loves to add balance to her life by guiding others through yoga. She is a 200 hour vinyasa instructor and her classes have a healthy dose of meditation. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing her participants walk away completely refreshed. When she's not teaching yoga she's watching cooking videos, scoping out a new coffee shop or crafting a playlist. 

Alyssa K.  (Instructor) 

Alyssa is a third year Health Sciences major with the goal of attending Physician Assistant school.  She teaches Shake It and enjoys taking Zumba and Barre None, followed by an RPAC smoothie.  You can usually find Alyssa dancing, singing, eating ice cream, or looking up pictures of baby goats.

Divya L.  (Instructor)

Divya is a fourth year studying Health Sciences. She plans on attending Nursing School following undergrad to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. On the schedule, you can find her teaching Circuit Cycle and TRX. Divya also loves to attend Cardio Barbell classes. She is looking forward to seeing new faces in her classes!

Kara L.  (Instructor)

Kara is an Architecture student at the Knowlton School with a focus in uniting environmental and social justice issues in the built environment. She fell in love with the ability of group fitness to reach a wide and diverse audience of people and to empower through movement. She teaches in the Pilates/Barre format and soon to be Cycle. Outside of Rec Sports life Kara spends her time dancing, choreographing, and working with Knowlton's animation club.

Jessica L.  (Instructor) 

Jessica is a Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Exercise Science major who loves to help others increase their knowledge about health. She teaches a wide range of yoga classes. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching each participant find his or her down expression in each pose. When she's not teaching she's climbing, at a coffee shop, or painting.  

Alvaro L.  (Instructor)

Alvaro is a 4th year environmental science student who finds joy in helping people reach their fitness goals. He teaches dance fitness through Zumba and HITT training classes with Strong by Zumba. Alvaro's teaching style puts the Fitness in dance fitness, throwing strength elements into a dance fitness choreography. Alvaro loves to push his participants to their limits and enjoys seeing them grow from week to week. He likes learning new things and is always down to pet a dog.

Nicole L.  (Instructor)

Nicole is a marketing student who teaches indoor cycling classes, and will be teaching circuit cycle and 30/30 in the near future. Her favorite thing about teaching is being able to help the participants become healthier and more confident versions of themselves. When Nicole isn't teaching classes she can be found running, studying, hanging out with friends, or eating ice cream.

Elle M.  (Instructor) 

Elle is a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering and a minor in business. She teaches Barre and Indoor Cycle and loves seeing her participants grow, learn, and get stronger each week. As a lifelong athlete Elle has always appreciated a challenge and the satisfaction of completing goals and being her absolute best. When she’s not teaching Elle loves spending time with her friends and going to OSU football games. 

Maggie M.  (Instructor)

Maggie is a Biology major on a pre-medicine track and is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. She teaches hip-hop fitness but practices many other styles of dance and is also cycling certified. Her favorite part about teaching is watching students grow throughout the weeks in their dance skill, fitness goals, and overall self-confidence. In her spare time, Maggie enjoys binge-watching Nashville, singing, and eating a ton of peanut butter. 

Mackenzie M.  (Instructor)

Mackenzie is a third year undergraduate student studying Logistics with a History minor. She teaches Indoor Cycling classes and loves anything health, fitness, or food related. Her favorite classes at the RPAC are Circuit Cycle, Cardio Barbell, Zumba, and Indoor Cycle (of course). In her free time she loves spending time with friends, being outside, or watching a good movie. The best part about teaching she says is seeing the participants' faces light up after a good workout or when their favorite song comes on in class. There is no greater feeling than motivating people to become a better version of themselves. 

Mallory M.  (Instructor)

Mallory is a neuroscience student who loves everything about the group fitness community. She teaches barre classes, and loves to be a participant in cardio barbell, circuit cycle, and barre boot camp. Her favorite part about teaching is being creative and designing a good workout with a fun playlist. When she's not teaching classes, you can probably find her somewhere watching Parenthood or eating chocolate!

Grace M.  (Instructor)

Grace is a Medical Dietetics student who has always used fitness as a way to unwind and focus on her goals. She fell in love with barre and pilates and hope you will too! Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know her participants and where they're at on their fitness journey. When she's not working out you can find her searching for new music, dancing, or taking BuzzFeed quizzes 

Cari M.  (Instructor) 

Cari is double majoring in economics and film studies, and minoring in art history. She teaches dance and barre classes, and loves helping her participants discover strength and confidence. Outside of fitness, Cari's hobbies include tap dancing, collecting records, and playing trivia.

Haemi N.  (Instructor) 

Haemi is a 2nd year graduate student in the social psychology PhD program. She teaches power yoga and received her 200 hour certification through Baptiste. Her favorite part about teaching is encouraging students to try new things and have fun! When Haemi isn't teaching she's watching reality TV, finding new ways to prepare brussel sprouts, and listening to early 2000s pop music.

Riley N.  (Instructor) 

I am an environment, economy, development and sustainability student. I currently teach TRX and cross training. My favorite class to attend is 30/30. My favorite thing about teaching is seeing my participants work hard for the entire class. 

Gabriela O.  (Instructor)

Gabriela is an Anthropology and Journalism major who enjoys being involved with the student body, especially through a common interest for fitness.  She currently teaches indoor cycle and expects to expand to TRX and cycle fusion classes in the autumn semester.  Her favorite part about teaching is engaging participants during class to get them comfortable in that environment and provide a confidence boost to make them look forward to working out. When she's not teaching or hanging out at the RPAC, she's working on a podcast, going to concerts, or eating spicy food.  

Holly P.  (Instructor) 

Holly is a graduate student studying Human Nutrition.  She is passionate about promoting holistic wellness through physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  She teaches yoga, barre, and pilates.  She enjoys getting to be a part of everyone's progress throughout the semester and loves watching her participants grow and reach their goals.  When she isn't teaching classes, she is doing acroyoga, tango dancing, rock climbing, or studying hard.

Alexis P.  (Instructor)

Alexis is a second year, studying Exercise Science on a pre-physical therapy track. She loves all things fitness, from nutrition to exercise. Alexis currently teaches Cross Training, but is looking forward to branching out to teach cycle fusion classes. Besides teaching, she also plays on the women's club volleyball team. In addition to always being at the gym, she also loves eating ice cream, completing Sudoku puzzles and taking naps. 

Isabella P.  (Instructor)

Isabella is a STEM Education major and is also pursuing a minor in Communications. She has been practicing yoga for five years and is extremely passionate about teaching yoga to others. Her motto is "If you can breathe, you can do yoga."

Allison P.  (Instructor)

Allison is a public health student who loves to make fitness fun for everyone.  She currently teaches Late Night Hip-Hop and is also getting certified in Zumba and Barre.  Her favorite things about teaching are performing and seeing the participants having fun while working hard in the class.  When she is not teaching classes, Allison is usually at Starbucks, watching sports, or teaching and practicing color guard.

Alexx R.  (Instructor)

I am a Health Sciences major (Pre-Physician Assistant) who is passionate about health and fitness especially in helping others find their love for fitness. I currently teach strength classes, but am training in cycling as well.  My favorite thing about teaching is pushing participants to their absolute greatest ability & seeing their "challenge accepted" face after they are done with the class. When I'm not teaching classes or swamped with homework I am most likely at the gym or outside running, playing with my dogs, or on a nice warm beach somewhere listening to music & eating fruit. 

Liv R.  (Instructor) 

My name is Liv! I am studying psychology for my undergraduate degree and I have plans to attend grad school and become a physical therapist... but time will tell. I'm a third year student and will not be graduating any time soon. I paint and am always looking for sun puddles to soak in. If you wanna know more about me lemme hear it!

Raina R.  (Instructor)

Raina is an undergraduate student studying civil engineering who is passionate about helping others. She has always loved athletics and physical fitness and enjoys helping participants find their love for fitness. She currently teaches Zumba and is in the process of becoming a certified STRONG by Zumba instructor. In her classes, she strives for participants to have fun in every movement and exercise. When she is not teaching classes, Raina enjoys baking cookies and spending time with friends and family.

Mary R.  (Instructor)

Mary is a third-year student studying health sciences and hopes to be a physical therapist in the future.  Her favorite part about being a group fitness instructor is helping people push themselves and gain the confidence to achieve goals they initially thought were beyond their reach.  Aside from her love of group fitness, Mary enjoys Netflix, going on walks in local parks, and meeting new people.  She spends much of her free time participating in volunteer activities with children and at healthcare facilities in the Columbus and Cleveland areas.

Nina R.  (Instructor)

Nina is a nursing student who has a passion for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. She strives to help others reach their fitness goals through teaching Indoor Cycling and Pilates. Her favorite thing about teaching is developing friendships with her participants, and knowing each week she has a designated time to come and workout with them. When she is not teaching classes, Nina is running, eating, or looking up cute dog videos. 

Katelyn R.  (Instructor)

Katelyn is a marketing student in the Fisher College of Business who is passionate about fitness and health. She teaches yoga, strength, and cycle classes and loves inspiring others to lead healthy and happy lifestyles. Her favorite part of teaching classes is seeing how much happier and more energized her participants look after finishing a workout. When she's not teaching classes, Katelyn is spending time with her friends, watching Grey's Anatomy, or cooking a yummy meal.

Danya S.  (Instructor)

Health Science Major and French minor hoping to be a PA. Originally from Arizona.

Kelsey S.  (Instructor) 

Kelsey is a fourth year Industrial & Systems Engineering major. Her interest in group fitness started here at Ohio State. She teaches indoor cycle, circuit cycle, and TRX. Her favorite thing about teaching is building connections and relationships with her participants - especially ones that come back from week to week. When she is not teaching, she is studying and probably drinking coffee.

Jessica S.  (Instructor)

Jessica is a medical anthropology student and is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. She teaches barre classes and enjoys running, cycling, and lifting in her free time. Her favorite thing about teaching is being able to connect with participants, both new to class and returning, week after week. When's she's not teaching classes or studying she's listening to music, hanging out with friends, or watching Friends.

Jessie S.  (Instructor)

Jessie is a 3rd year neuroscience major with minors in clinical psychology and business. She teaches Zumba and likes to take the various dance classes taught by her coworkers. She enjoys going to Graeter's, teaching swim lessons, meeting new people, and eating desserts in a mug.

Mia S.  (Instructor)

Mia is an English Education student, eager to spread her passion for teaching both literature and group fitness. She teaches a variety of strength and cycle classes. Her favorite classes to teach are Circuit Cycle and TRX. Teaching group fitness is always the best part of Mia's day. She loves watching her participants grow stronger physically and mentally. When she is not teaching classes, she is probably lifting, drinking coffee, studying at Starbucks (more coffee!), or reading a thriller novel.

Stephanie S.  (Instructor)  

Stephanie is a statistics major who enjoys working out and motivating others along their fitness journeys. She teaches a variety of strength classes and is passionate about making workouts fun! Her favorite part about teaching is getting the opportunity to interact with all different kinds of people with similar goals. When she's not at the RPAC, Stephanie's studying at the library, hanging out with friends, or watching Hulu.

Claire S.  (Instructor)

Claire, studying Social Work and Spanish, has a passion for helping those in need. She enjoys exploring Columbus with friends to find the best coffee shops and restaurants. Her favorite thing about teaching is to see people smile while challenging themselves. When not teaching, you can find her painting, running, and most likely listening to John Mayer.

Daisy S.  (Instructor)

Daisy is a psychology student who is passionate about helping others feel empowered towards fitness. She teaches Zumba. Her favorite thing about teaching is meeting all the different people in her class. When she's not teaching classes, she's planning events for her sorority, hanging out with her family, or taking pictures for her food Instagram.

Leah S.  (Instructor)

Leah is a human nutrition student who is passionate about helping others build healthy habits with food and exercise. She teaches power and regular yoga and loves to take circuit cycle and other strength training classes. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching her participants grow in their practice every week. When she’s not teaching you can find her at a coffee shop in the short north or reading her favorite books.

Ariel T.  (Instructor) 

Ariel is an Animal Sciences student who focuses on providing participants a place to destress while pushing themselves to reach new fitness goals. She teaches cycle, circuit cycle, and 30/30 classes. She loves seeing participants return each week and improve over the course of the year. In her spare time, she loves playing with pigs, training for races, reading, and being outside! 

Meghan U.  (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Meghan teaches a variety of yoga classes, from heat-building power yoga to slow and stress-relieving yin. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in India, which ignited her love for travel and adventure. When she's not practicing or teaching yoga, she enjoys reading, hula hooping, going on road trips, and experimenting with healthy ingredients in her kitchen. 

Jessica W.  (Instructor)

Jessica is a psychology major and teaches yoga. She strives to help others discover the importance of mental and physical health. Other than yoga, her passions are exploring, cooking vegan food, listening to music, and playing Legend of Zelda.

Colin W.  (Instructor)

Colin is an exercise science student who hopes to one day become a physical therapist. He teaches full body challenge as well as helps with Buckeye Bootcamp. He has a passion for fitness and wellness and wants to help others find that same passion. His favorite thing about teaching is the interaction with his participants, whether it's seeing their smiling faces, or talking with them after class. When he's not teaching, he is working out, going to events for Student Alumni Council, planning events for the Dunn Sports and Wellness Scholars, listening to music, and playing the guitar. 

Elizabeth W.  (Instructor) 

Elizabeth is a fourth year Human Development and Family Science major on a pre-occupational therapy track. She loves teaching a variety of classes including Pilates, barre, and cycle. She grew up as a swimmer and long distance runner but wanted to step out of her comfort zone with these formats. She loves coffee, reading, and hanging out with friends. Be sure to check out one of her classes in the future!

Mackenzie W.  (Instructor) 

Mackenzie is a third-year student pursuing Marketing with a minor in Psychology.  She currently teaches strength classes including Rise and Grind and Buckeye Bootcamp, and is excited to branch out into TRX and Cycle classes in the future. Her favorite part about teaching is encouraging and motivating her participants so they can achieve their goals. When she's not in the gym, Mackenzie enjoys reading, eating ice cream, and finding new adventures. 

Joseph W.  (Instructor)

Joseph is a Chemical Engineering student who enjoys bringing students together to achieve their fitness goals. His favorite part about being an instructor is getting participants to smile while they're cranking out some tough exercises in his cross training class. When he's not teaching he enjoys hiking, biking, exploring the city, or visiting family and friends. 

Allison W.  (Instructor) 

Allison is a third year materials engineering student who instructs cycle, strength, and barre. She loves being a fitness instructor because she can show people fun ways to be active and healthy. If she's not doing research in Dreese or working out at the RPAC, you can probably find her on a hammock by mirror lake. Her favorite hobbies include drinking coffee with soy milk, traveling the world, and listening to NPR podcasts. 

Josie W.  (Instructor/Room Monitor)

Josie is a 4th year dietetics student who love fitness just as much as food. She loves teaching and having the opportunity to share her love for fitness with others and helping them reach their goals. She teaches cycle, strength, and you may see her subbing a barre class or two. In her free time she loves watching This Is Us, spending time with friends and family, and trying new foods. 

Alex W.  (Instructor)

Alex is a psychology major with a minor in dance. She loves teaching Zumba and sharing her passion for dance, fitness, and fun with others. Outside of a studio she can be found eating ice cream, going to the movies, enjoying the outdoors, and dancing through life.