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Exercise Program Design

Are you someone who enjoys working out but needs help coming up with a workout program? Rec Sports is now offering a new exercise program design option for $39.99 to all members. To make an appointment click here. Once you submit the form to make an appointment, you will be contacted by the Personal Training Coordinator to match you with a trainer!


Through this exercise program design you will receive: 

  • A functional movement evaluation with an InBody assessment.
    • Before a trainer can create a workout program for you, they will meet with you to learn about your fitness goals and carry out a functional movement evaluation with an InBody assessment. The InBody assessment will inform you and the trainer of your overall health including body fat percentage, amount of lean muscle tissue, visceral fat and more. The trainer will administer a functional movement evaluation through a series of movement tests to determine any issues with mobility, stability and posture.
  • A custom exercise program plan to suit your goals
    • The personal trainer will create a full week of workouts for you with detailed instructions on what exercises to perform and how often. This workout program is to be repeated every week for as long as the personal trainer specifies.
  • A 60-minute session with the personal trainer to discuss the exercise plan
    • During this session, the personal trainer will go over the details of the exercise program plan they created for you and answer any questions.