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Get Matched with a Trainer

Whether you're an early bird or prefer working out after work, our personal trainers will work with you to schedule your training when it is convenient to you and at a location that meets your needs. Trainers can meet with you at the RPAC, ARC, NRC or one of the Jesse Owens Centers. 

Ready to schedule a session with a trainer? Just follow these steps:
  1. Fill out the form below. The personal training coordinator will contact you within five business days to verify information and put you in contact with a trainer. If a doctor's release is required, please follow the instructions in the form.
  2. Payment is required before each personal training session. Payments are made at the RPAC Welcome Center. Checks, cash, credit cards and BuckID are accepted. Private personal training sessions can also be purchased online at Please make personal training purchases after you are matched with a trainer.
  3. If you do need to cancel your appointment, we request 24-hour notice. We reserve the right to cancel your account if there are persistent cancellations.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely high demand we are currently on a waitlist for 1 on 1 and buddy personal training. If you are interested in getting matched with a personal trainer we are expecting delays until after Fall Break. In the meantime please check out our Session 2 Small Group Programs or our Exercise Program Design service. Also, full fitness assessments and InBody Testing services are not on a delay and can be purchased and scheduled now. Thank you!




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Thank you for your interest in the Ohio State Recreational Sports Personal Training Program. Please fill out the following forms as accurately as possible.

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