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Meet our Trainers

Rec Sports personal trainers are here to assist you with your wellness and fitness goals. The trainers first assess your fitness level and then tailor a personal exercise program for you based on those assessments and your goals. All Rec Sports personal trainers are nationally certified and hold current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications through the American Red Cross.


Meet our Trainers!


Aaron Wang

Aaron is a second year student studying in exercise science with a physical activity specialist minor and a coaching education minor. He is certified through the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and also works with the Ohio State Dive Club. After going through a body transformation of losing 65lbs in high school, Aaron developed a passion for health and wellness as well as physical activity. He specializes in weight loss and strength/conditioning and is always pushing himself and his peers to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. 


Abram Haghnazari

Abram Haghnazari is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student minoring in Business in Human Nutrition. Born and raised in Columbus, he’s always had his eyes set on The Ohio State University. He started passionately working out his sophomore year of high school, and wants to share his passion with others through personal training. He wants to eventually go into manufacturing, specifically with food.


Adam Eyerman

Adam is a senior studying Art & Design and minoring in Business. As an ACE certified personal trainer he believes in finding a balance between achieving fitness goals and enjoying everyday life. Blending various forms of exercise such as resistance training, running, biking, martial arts, yoga and more while focusing on constant self improvement and mental discipline gives him a wide array of experience to pull from when training clients. As a coach, he is friendly and encouraging while still promoting a serious, 'here-to-work' type attitude. Adam loves drawing as well as spending time with friends and family in his free time. 


Amanda Conaway

Amanda is a fourth year undergraduate studying marketing at the Fisher College of Business. She has her ACE certification and likes to incorporate various forms of fitness in her daily life such as running, lifting and circuit training. She is passionate about nutrition and fitness and hopes to help others achieve their goals as well as find the joy in working out like she has. Fun fact- Amanda interned at Nike over the summer in the Men’s training department to further dive into her training and marketing interest.  


Alex Janis

Alex Janis, a native Clevelander, is a fourth year exercise science major whose intent is to study physical therapy in graduate school.  He received his ACE certification three years ago and has been a personal trainer at the RPAC ever since.  Having trained a diverse group of clients in multiple settings, Alex has significant experience in strength, hypertrophy, fat loss and sports specific training.  He currently works alongside two other personal trainers as the Lead Personal Trainer for the department, managing a number of behind the scenes duties.  An interesting fact about Alex is that he works as a strength and conditioning coach with youth athletes for the OSU Club Dive Team, which is ranked 3rdhighest in the nation amongst the USA Dive teams.


Ben Kinney

Ben is a fourth year exercise science student here at The Ohio State University. He is an ACE certified personal trainer, and has been training clients since the beginning of 2018. Ben played soccer and basketball growing up and still loves to compete in intermural sports and with his friends. He is from Columbus, Ohio and is a fourth generation buckeye. You will most likely see him at the RPAC either in the weight room or on the court. Go Bucks!!!


Brooke Norman

Brooke is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She is a senior at Ohio State majoring in Human Development and Family Science, minoring in Disability Studies and will be attending an Occupational Therapy program following graduation. She’s played volleyball throughout her entire life, but now has a strong passion for lifting and having a healthy lifestyle. She loves helping people reach their goals and will always challenge those to do their best in order to achieve them!


Casey Lewandowski

Casey is a third year student studying Human Nutrition, Dietetics. In addition to Personal Training, she also works as a Nutrition Admin for Dining Services, an Administrative Assistant for the Sport, Fitness and Health Program, and is a volunteer for the Sports Nutrition department, working with many of the Varsity sports teams. When she is not buried in work or school, she loves to lift, cook and find new things to do around Columbus.


Deserrae Potts

Deserrae is an ACE certified personal trainer studying Health Sciences here at Ohio State. Her favorite thing about being a personal trainer is introducing people to new exercises and helping them learn to like or love fitness. In her spare time she likes to spend most of her time outdoors participating in physical activities. She regularly runs, bikes and goes rock climbing. In addition to being a personal trainer Deserrae also works as a patient support assistant at Riverside hospital. 


Elise Ketz

Elise has been an ACE certified Personal Trainer for the past two years.  She is in her fourth year here studying City Regional Planning with minors in Geographic Information Systems and Landscape Architecture.  She enjoys researching new workout methods and programs in her free time. When she's not at work she likes to cook, read, watch TV and cheer for the marching band.  


Emily Mulkey

Emily is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer from South Carolina. She is a senior studying Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) in the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She loves running and hiking, ice hockey, rock climbing and of course, cheering for the Buckeyes! In addition to working as a Personal Trainer, Emily also works in Member Services at the RPAC as a Member Services Supervisor. 


Jake Vicini

Jake is a fourth year student majoring in public health and would like to go to physical therapy school.  He is an ACE certified personal trainer and loves talking about fitness. He played five different sports while in school and now just regularly lifts but would like to compete in the near future. He is a big advocate for all the positive life changes fitness can bring to a person, both physically and mentally. He loves being able to help people reach their fitness goals and hopefully help change their life for the better. In my free time, I usually work out, work or watch Netflix.


Jessica Stich

Jessica Stich was born and raised in Florida. She is currently a third year studying hospitality management. She did gymnastics for twelve years and became an ACE certified trainer December 2017. A fun fact about her is that she loves scuba diving and is a certified dive master.


Lauren Conaway

Lauren is a senior studying Marketing at the Fisher College of Business. She has been an ACE certified personal trainer, for the past 2 years and loves talking about fitness. She loves running, being active whenever she can and her favorite types of workouts are high intense circuit structured workouts. She’s a personal trainer, because she loves helping people work towards their fitness goals and share the love she has regarding fitness. In her free time you can usually find her at any of the gyms on campus, or running outside.


Liann Herwerden

Liann is an ACE certified personal trainer in her third year majoring in nutrition with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian. She found her passion in lifting weights in high school and paired that with her passion for people in college as she pursued personal training. In her free time, Liann enjoys making music, cooking, laughing and lifting with her roommate and fellow trainer, Rachel.


Michael Hackleman

Michael is a fifth year Human Development and Family Science Major. He has a certification in personal training from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Michael got into personal training after his love for learning about fitness and how to better individuals. He has worked with a variety of clients and tailored programs to each individuals needs. He has focused on bodybuilding and powerlifting in his own training and is currently training for a Go Ruck event in the summer of 2019 that will cover 24 plus hours and over 35 miles while doing various fitness exercises. 


Nathan Ruelas

Nathan is a sophomore studying Finance at the Fisher College of Business. He is an ACE certified personal trainer and collegiate powerlifter. He enjoys bodybuilding, hypertrophy training and leg day. Nathan is a personal trainer because he loves helping people work towards their fitness goals and transform their bodies into an optimal physique. Besides working out, Nathan enjoys eating at various restaurants throughout Columbus, playing sand volleyball and engineering projects.


Olivia Juliani

Olivia is a third year Health Sciences student, minoring in nutrition. She wants to be a Physician Assistant in the future who works to prevent illness through exercise and food. She has her ACE PT certification, AHA and Red Cross CPR and is a PSA at Grant Medical Center in Downtown Columbus. Olivia loves being able to share her love of health and fitness with her clients at OSU and her patients in the hospital. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, working out, doing yoga and barre and exploring the many coffee shops of Columbus with friends. She says one of the best experiences she's had was doing a mission trip in Fiji two summers ago educating communities on the importance of health and fitness. Fun Fact: Olivia has torn 3 of her ACL's.


Rachel Berger

Rachel is a third year studying Exercise Science and Dietetics.  She is an ACE certified personal trainer, a Chick Evans Scholar and has completed a strength and conditioning internship with Fitness Planning Consultants.  As a reservist in the Air Force, she seeks out opportunities to physically and mentally challenge herself and hopes to bring her growing knowledge to the Air Force's PT.


Rachel Mangold

Rachel is a 3rd year studying psychology with a minor in substance misuse and addiction. As an ACE certified personal trainer, she enjoys weightlifting and interval training. She wants to work with individuals in recovery or struggling with addiction and/or mental illness through physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. When not training, she is usually cuddling her puppy, Drogo, or jamming out with her fellow trainer Liann Herwerden. 


Rashelle Ghanem

Rashelle graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology and is currently a second year Master of Public Health student. She is ACE certified and enjoys incorporating all aspects of fitness into her schedule. Some of her favorite fitness activities include lifting and kettlebell exercises. Fun fact: Rashelle loves to bake and cook and has been on a quest to find the best restaurants in Columbus.


Sarah Holbert

Sarah is a senior political science major currently looking into PhD programs. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and as well as a Schwinn cycle instructor. Sarah enjoys running, yoga, and weight lifting. When not working, Sarah can be found running races with the Ohio State running club or hanging out with her AOII sisters.


Trent Hughes

Trent is an ACE certified personal trainer studying Welding Engineering. Trent is from Orange County, CA and has always been passionate about movement since he discovered weight training his freshman year of high school to help with his scoliosis. Since then, he has experimented with many different training methodologies, including Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Functional Training. In pursuit of finding a cure for his scoliosis, Trent discovered Functional Patterns, which specializes in posture and movement correction through muscular integration techniques. Although he is still new to Functional Patterns, he is taking the Human Foundations certification course in October and currently uses his training background to create an enjoyable workout plan tailored to each individual’s goals.