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Intramural Champions

Congratulations to all intramural sport participants. View photos from intramural sports.

Congratulations to the following 2016 Spring Intramural Champions: 


4v4 Flag Football – Kicking Some Grass

Basketball All Scholars Division- Green Engineering Ballers

Basketball Grad/Faculty Division- Team Chemistry

Basketball Fraternity Division- PSE Purple Rain

Basketball Men’s A Division- Canton Cavs

Basketball Men’s B Division- @OSUManagers

Basketball Women’s Division- Brew Crew

Ice Hockey Advanced- Monarchs

Ice Hockey Intermediate- Marlies

Ice Hockey Beginner- Cyclones

Indoor Soccer CoRec A- Customer Service: Part 2

Indoor Soccer CoRec B- SQWUAD

Indoor Soccer Men’s A- Bend It Like Bendtner

Indoor Soccer Men’s B- Octopus FC

Indoor Soccer Premier- Cincy Untd National

Indoor Soccer Women’s- Vicious and Delicious

Innertube Water Polo- LooneyTubes

Kickball- Chase These Balls

Tennis Men’s Singles-

Tennis Mixed Doubles- Vicious and Delicious

Ultimate Disc CoRec- RealLife

Ultimate Disc Open- Peachoid

Volleyball All Scholar’s- DSWS

Volleyball CoRec 2nd Session- Sets on the Beach

Volleyball CoRec A- RIP AFRO DUCK

Volleyball CoRec B- Super Smash Bros

Volleyball Men’s- Sigma Chi

Volleyball Women’s- Bumpin’ Uglies 2.0

Wallyball- Amber’s Index Finger

World Cup Soccer- The Defectors


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