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J. Michael Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars

The J. Michael Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars (DSWS) Program is specifically designed to help students identify and expand upon personal interests in sport and wellness. The program provides students with opportunities to develop their leadership style, network with professionals in their respective fields, and form relationships with their peers and the greater Dunn Scholars community. By living together as a program freshman year, students form a close bond that carries throughout their time at Ohio State. With many events throughout the academic year, both professional and social in nature, students quickly identify ways to implement their interests into their undergraduate careers and beyond.

How to apply: The Sport and Wellness Scholars Program is selective, and you must apply to be considered. Successful candidates share a number of qualifications including a solid academic record, strong communication skills and significant participation in extracurricular and community activities. They also value diversity and interaction with individuals from other cultures.

Only incoming freshman who begin at Ohio State during the autumn semester are eligible to apply for the program.


If you are interested, please contact the Scholars Coordinator, at