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About the Dunn Scholars


Students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 by the end of their first year and maintain that GPA throughout their college careers. Additionally, students must attend Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars program events, all-scholar events and interact as a team leader with fellow scholars.

In the classroom, students in the SWS program will have a variety of classes in public health/wellness, sports, marketing and other business areas to choose from as they arrange their schedules each semester. In addition, scholars are encouraged to take Education Policy and Leadership, built on academic and experiential engagement with issues of difference, diversity, social justice and alliance building. The focus of the course is on interracial and inter-ethnic dialogue to explore issues such as social justice, race, gender, sexism and collaboration


The program provides both curricular and co-curricular opportunities to enable students to develop and practice the skills they will need to become leaders in the sport and wellness industry. Specifically, scholars will:

  • collaborate with world class faculty and staff
  • communicate with sport and wellness professionals around the world
  • gain practical experience through observation, internships and independent study opportunities
  • participate in a virtual mentoring program
  • go on individual and group trips to visit sport and wellness facilities and programs
  • interact with a group of Buckeye sport and wellness professionals.

These experiences help our scholars build a base for their careers and position them to become leaders in sports and wellness arena.

Our Community

Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars become a vibrant part of a tremendously supportive living-learning community by residing in Morrill Tower located conveniently located near the Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC), the historic Ohio Stadium and the Schottenstein Center.

This living-learning community is not limited to the Ohio State campus. Columbus and Central Ohio have extensive opportunities for exploration and involvement. Whether your interests lay in professional sports teams (soccer, baseball and ice hockey); high school athletics; events (Special Olympics, Ohio Wheelchair games and the Columbus Marathon); facilities (Nationwide Arena); sports equipment businesses; wellness centers; health clinics; or architectural firms, you will be able to explore and develop those interests through involvement in the program.

Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars participate in weekly meetings and tours of sports and wellness sites locally, nationally and internationally. Scholars regularly perform community service projects and attend social events together. Every aspect of the program is designed to support the development of future leaders in the sport and wellness area.