Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

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The Dunn Scholar Experience

The Dunn Scholar Experience

First Year Experience:

As a first year Dunn Scholar, students will arrive early for our annual Welcome Week program. There, they will be paired up with second year mentors, as well as fellow first year students into a DSWS "Family". They will engage in Family Programming events, Honors & Scholars sponsored events, DSWS sponsored socials, experiences, and trips throughout the academic year. Students are expected to enroll in the DSWS Leadership Course (ESHESA 2570), as well as the normative requirements including attendance at bi-weekly meetings, maintaining a 3.0 GPA, and completing a minimum of 10 hours of community service each semester.

Second Year Experience:

For our second year Dunn Scholars, we have the same normative expectations with the addition of mentorship opportunities for first-year Scholars. Leadership opportunities such as Family Mentor and Leadership Council Representative are available, where students will receive first-hand experience with event planning, group facilitation, and other transformative experiences. Both first and second year scholars are encouraged to participate or support DSWS in the Scholars Intramural League, as well as attend DSWS sponsored events and Honors & Scholars events. Prior to graduating the Dunn Scholars program, we take our second-year scholars on a weekend retreat to celebrate their accomplishments.

Third and Fourth Year Experience:

Although the program is only two years, we still like to engage with our third and fourth year students. Through our Track Group Program, third and fourth year Scholars have the option to serve as a mentor for our first and second year scholars with whom they share fields of study or common interests. Our third and fourth years often volunteer at DSWS sponsored events, attend bi-monthly third and fourth year events, and are encouraged to join our Dunn Scholars Alumni Society following their graduation from The Ohio State University.