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Adventure Trips for Academic Credit

The way the course permission works is that you need to enroll with the OAC by submitting a deposit on the course fee. Most of our programs do have a fee, which covers transportation, equipment, food, and permits in most cases. You can find information about all our offerings here. Visit this page to learn how to register.  Once we receive this payment (either in person, over the phone, or online), the process will look like this:

  1. Complete the permission to enroll form, actually sign it, scan it, and email it to and include your advisor’s email address. 
  2. The OAC Instructor will then sign it and email it to you and your advisor. 
  3. Your advisor will add you to the course and you should see it appear on your Carmen portal. 

Please note that there are two completely distinct enrollment procedures: one for the OAC and one for the academic credit. Likewise, there are two distinct processes for dropping the class, alert the OAC, and remove the course through BuckeyeLink. You can sign-up by phone (614-247-8680), in-person, or online

Here’s a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the class just meet for one weekend?

  1. All programs for academic credit require your attendance at a pre-trip session, typically two Tuesdays (10 days) before the trip departure. This meeting is typically held at the OAC from 6-8 pm. This meeting covers crucial content to prepare you for the trip.  Some programs may require additional meetings. If you cannot attend the meeting for a documented reason, a make-up session may be arranged. Courses that meet during break are often more than just three days.

How is my grade determined?

Aside from full participation, you will have a series of online quizzes through Carmen. Further, while in the field, your instructor will observe that you successfully complete specific skills. Not participating or not being able to complete the skill may result in remediation or failure of the class. Note that most courses are Pass/Fail and do not impact your overall GPA.

I’ve never done the activity before, will I be OK?

Unless specifically noted, OAC courses are designed for beginners. Our approach focuses on two concepts: progression and experiential learning. Progression means that we try to start small and work our way to more challenging skill development. Often, there is opportunity for more advanced students to take on more complex challenges, but we work to tailor the challenge to the group. For example, in a climbing class, we might pick a crag that offers several types of routes, so that individuals in the group can work at an appropriate challenge level.  Experiential learning means that we want you to learn by doing, but also prepare for the experience and reflect on it afterwards. 

What’s with the course fee? 

Fees typically cover all food, transportation, group equipment, and permits. Most trips require that you only provide your personal clothing and toiletries. The OAC goal for these programs is to “break even,” and our goal is to keep fees as low as possible. Typically, our fees are less than a private outfitter would charge and comparable to what you’d pay if you tried to run the trip yourself. 

Why do I need to pay to get permission to enroll?

There are a limited number of spots in these field based courses and typically demand is more than available spots.  We have found students are not committed to the program until a payment has been made, so to prevent last minute drops, which blocks other students from the experience, we asked for a payment on the fee up front.

Rec Sports's Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) is partnering with the Department of Human Sciences (DHS, formerly PAES), to provide academic credit for certain OAC trips.

To sign up for a course:

  1. Sign-up through the OAC by phone (614-247-8680), in-person or online.
  2. Inform the OAC staff that you would like to take the program for academic credit.
  3. The OAC will email you the appropriate signed Permission to Enroll Form that you can give to your advisor. Your advisor will add you to the course and it will appear on Carmen.