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Outdoor Recreation

The Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC), located in the Adventure Recreation Center, is committed to providing fun, challenging and affordable wilderness-based experiences for The Ohio State University community. Through a variety of workshops and backcountry trips, participants will learn the requisite skills to safely enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want an exciting recreational activity, a chance to learn new skills, the opportunity to meet new people or simply to take a break from academics, the OAC is for you! View the current trip offerings by visiting

Learning Outcomes

Attain Technical Skills – Learners will gain skills and confidence to engage in outdoor recreation. Skill development will emphasize experiential learning, self-efficacy and stewardship.

Develop Community - Learners will cultivate interpersonal connections. Community building will be achieved through shared experiences connected to nature and the welcoming environment we create. 

Foster Transference - Learners will realize the correlation between experiences in outdoor recreation and their day-to-day life. Through the use of metaphor, reflection and debriefing; learners will appreciate that the skills needed in outdoor recreation are the same skills needed to thrive in one’s academic, professional and personal life.

The OAC is an Educational Partner of the Center for Leave No Trace Ethics, and strives to educate users on the value of outdoor spaces and works to minimize our impact.

Work for the OAC

The OAC strives to develop students through employment opportunities. Employment positions include Climbing Instructor, Trip Leader, Teambuilding Facilitators, Equipment Room Steward, Route Setter and Outreach Desk Attendant. Typically, the OAC hires in Mid-October and early April and getting belay certified is always a great way to improve your odds of being hired at the OAC. Please visit the employment page to fill out an application and to read complete job descriptions.

Special Events

Plan a special event at the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC). The OAC is equipped to handle family or corporate events. Use the conference room with wireless internet, projection screen and DVD player to hold a staff retreat or as a place to eat and congregate. In addition, enjoy the thrill of rock climbing on our indoor climbing wall.

Pricing for personalized group activities is dependent upon group size and membership status. For pricing information or to request an event, please fill out a space reservation form using the contact information included on the form.

Contact Us

Phone: 614-247-8680