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Sport Club Manual


The Sport Club Manual is a must read for all sport club participants, coaches, advisors and anyone who thinks they may want to start a club. The manual provides all of the policies and procedures that govern our Sport Club program. The information ranges from how to request facility space, how to obtain funding via allocation, nationals or fundraising to securing Coca-Cola beverages for your event.


Do Sports Easy

Do Sports Easy is an automated program that allows the Competitive Sports office to document information electronically and communicate with all of our partipants. This program allows for us to eliminate some of our paperwork and it gives everyone 24/7 online access.


Visiting Team Assumption of Risk

Visiting Team Assumption of Risk.


Request for Reimbursement

To receive reimbursement funds, presidents or treasurers must complete a reimbursement form with the attached receipt and submit to the Competitive Sports Office. The allocation money cannot be used for social or food expenses. Presidents and treasurers should avoid turning in receipts with these items on them.


National Funding Request

To help offset the cost of clubs attending nationals or a national event, clubs may apply for additional funds. The Competitive Sports Office will allocate funds to deserving clubs depending on departmental budget.


Yearly Space Request Form

This form must be filled out completely in order to receive practice space for the upcoming academic year. This form only need to be filled out for clubs requesting indoor facility space.


Facility Request Form

A sport club special event is any sport club event outside of regularly scheduled practices. Special events include the following: Scrimmages, Games/Contests, Tournaments, Demonstration Nights, Clinics and other events deemed by Competitive Sports Office.


Semester Report

This form should be used to tell the story of your club's semester. The information gathered from this form allows us to better advocate for the clubs. This form is require to be filled out completely and accurately.


Ohio State Trademark and Licensing

Uniforms or competition required apparel is exempt from royalties for Sport Club Teams recognized through Student Life Rec Sports Program.

All designs are to be submitted to Trademark and Licensing for approval.

Use of a licensed vendor is required unless prior authorization is given by Trademark and Licensing.


OSU Brand Guidelines

A brand is more than a logo. It is the voice we use to tell our stories. It is the experience people have with our university. Our brand guidelines are the tools we use to create those stories and reinforce those experiences; they are the operating manual for looking, speaking and acting as one university.

We all play a role in strengthening our brand. You can help by incorporating these guidelines into the marketing and communications materials you create. The tools are flexible enough to help you create a full range of expression for your specific audience, while still allowing our shared strengths and aspirations to shine.

Through consistent use, these guidelines will amplify the impact of our brand in an increasingly competitive academic marketplace. Thousands of stories, one voice. That is the power of Ohio State.