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Leadership, Education and Development Series (L.E.A.D.S.)

The Leadership, Education and Development Series is a three tiered, comprehensive leadership program serving the Rec Sports and Buckeye community. LEADS provides students with an opportunity to explore their personal leadership philosophy and create a unique leadership journey during their time at OSU.

The LEADS program is development and facilitated by the department’s Student Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT is comprised of our department’s top student leaders who are highly engaged and motivated to create leadership experiences and opportunities for their peers at OSU.

 Students have the ability to begin the program at any point during their OSU experience and work through the LEADS program at their own pace. Students build their own leadership capacity and earn recognition with the completion of the Tiers*.

Tier I: Personal Leadership Development

Requirements included:

  • Completion of 1 Special Leadership Program**
  • Completion of 4 Service Learning Events
  • Completion of 1 Community Engagement Event
  • Completion of Values in Action: Strengths Development Series

Distinction: Leadership Certificate


Tier II: Leading within a Community

Requirements include:

  • Completion of 2 Special Leadership Programs**
  • Completion of 8 Service Learning Events
  • Completion of 3 Community Engagement Events
  • Completion of Intersections: Diversity and Inclusion Series

Distinction: Honor Cords


Tier III: Social Change

Requirements include:

  • Completion of 12 Service Learning Events
  • Completion of 5 Community Engagement Events
  • Completion of Global Perspectives: Civic Engagement Series
  • Completion of Enrichment Projects

Distinction: Director’s Leadership Guild-Inductee

*Participation in LEADS is cumulative. Experiences will be reviewed based on entirety of participation after registration.

**Special Leadership Programs are pre-determined by Administration and can be found HERE.



Begin your leadership journey by registering for the LEADS program HERE.

*Credit can be obtained for eligible leadership experiences completed prior to beginning the program. Please provide all applicable information for review and verification.



For more information about LEADS and recognition, please contact Tim Bryson, GAA for Student Development and Leadership at