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The Benefits of Nature

April 26, 2021

As little as 5 minutes outdoors can change your mood. 

It’s getting warmer, sunnier and the itch to get outside is growing stronger. Evidence shows that time spent in nature is good for your overall holistic well-being. Time spent in nature has been shown to:  

  • Improve your cognitive ability, specifically by boosting your ability to concentrate and increasing your attention span  
  • Positively benefit your mood and improve your sense of overall happiness 
  • Reduce feelings of and physiological responses to stress 
  • Increase your number of social connections and the quality of your social relationships 
  • Boost your physical health and well-being

It may feel impossible to get away from our screens at times, but even just 5 minutes spent outdoors can have a positive impact on your entire day. Even if you can’t set that phone or computer down, take it outside. Simple strategies can have a lasting impact. Here are things that you can implement to boost your mood: 

  • Take 5 minutes to step outside and get some fresh air 
  • Go for short walks throughout the day
  • Attend meetings and classes outside and if appropriate, walk during meetings/classes
  • Open up the windows 
  • Bring the outdoors in: having plants or other greenery within your spaces can have similar impacts on your mood

When you need a break or a boost, try connecting with nature – even just for a few moments.  

Looking for new ways to connect with nature in new ways? Checkout the Outdoor Adventure CenterOhio State Nature Rx or the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens.   


Written by: Blake Marble, Director of Student Life Student Wellness Center