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Exercise Program Design

Sometimes, a little help and motivation can go a long way on the road to overall fitness. Through a tailored exercise program, our certified personal trainers can help you meet your fitness goals. Our Exercise Program Design is a two week exercise program tailored to your fitness goals and needs. You will be able to meet with one of our certified personal trainers for an InBody assessment, consultations and follow-up appointments as well as receive an exercise program design detailing your weekly workouts including resistance training, cardio training and recovery training. Your personal trainer will also be available as a resource through the one week program and your supporter to help keep you accountable. The overall goal of this program is to assist participants in achieving physical fitness benefits effectively. 

Cost of an Exercise Program Design is $50. To get started request to get matched with a trainer here, and someone will contact you about next steps. *Please allow 5-7 business days to get matched with a trainer. Your new personal trainer will respond to you via email.  

The Exercise Program Design includes:

An InBody assessment.

Before a trainer can create a workout program for you, they will meet with you to learn about your fitness goals and carry out an InBody assessment. The InBody assessment will inform you and the trainer of your overall health including body fat percentage, amount of lean muscle tissue, visceral fat and more. You and your trainer will also discuss your fitness goals, limitations to exercise and your past physical activity experiences. This session is for your personal trainer to get to know you a little bit and gather information to make an appropriate exercise program design. The initial assessment and InBody assessment will take place at the RPAC Fitness Suite.

A custom two-week exercise program plan to suit your goals.

The personal trainer will create a full week of workouts for you with detailed instructions on what exercises to perform and how often. This workout program is to be repeated every week for as long as the personal trainer specifies. You may meet with your trainer in-person to review this exercise program design or over zoom, which ever you prefer.

A 60-minute follow-up session after your first week of training.

This follow-up session is for you to discuss your progress or issues with your personal trainer. This will allow the trainer to tweak parts of your workouts and offer advice to improve your workouts and goals. Your personal trainer is your resources during this two-week period.

*PLEASE NOTE: Personal Trainer availability is currently limited due to student trainer’s academic schedules. All new personal training requests will be put on a waitlist. You will be matched with a Personal Trainer as soon as one becomes available. 

 For specific questions regarding our personal training program please contact us at