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Space Reservations

JANUARY 10, 2022 Update:

We have paused taking new space reservation request until later in the spring 2022 semester. We have paused space reservations for many activities through January. This page will be updated when we are able to take new requests for space.

All events and gatherings must follow state, local and university protocols to protect all involved. Note that all guidance is subject to change based on health guidance.

Daily activities are permitted. Overnight activities are not at this time.

All events must be approved in advance through one of the below protocols. University venues are prepared to help event sponsors through the process and requirements to facilitate safe events.

  • Event organizers who want to hold an event at a university approved venue should work directly with the venue contact. 
  • University event organizers who want to hold an event at an off-campus (third-party) venue should work with their director to obtain approvals.  

An event is defined as a planned activity, other than academic classes scheduled as part of the university curriculum, that is held in a university building or outdoor space on a university campus or with a community partner. A gathering is defined as a formal or informal assembly of people that is either planned or spontaneous.

These restrictions do not prohibit gatherings for the purpose of the expression of First Amendment-protected speech.

We greatly appreciate the commitment made by the members of our university community to keep each other as safe as possible, and we are grateful for your understanding should this process need to change.  

Request a Space Today

Student Organization requests for outdoor space, may be made through the Buckeye Event Network website. A limited number of recreational sports meeting spaces and other Student Life facilities may be reserved using the online space request tool.  For additional help using the Space Request Tool please download our Space Request Tool - Quick Guide.  

COVID-19 Protocols

For fully vaccinated people, masks are no longer required on Ohio State’s campuses except for in Wexner Medical Center facilities and on public transportation – in accordance with public health guidelines. Fully vaccinated individuals are also no longer required to physically distance. Individuals who are not vaccinated are required to continue wearing masks indoors and physically distancing at all times. Read more on the Personal Safety Practices page.

As part of the space request process, client groups must confirm a risk mitigation plan for the in-person event. Here are considerations for creating a plan for events and gatherings, both before and during your event: 

As you plan your event:

  • This permission applies to in-person events and gatherings on-campus and off-campus, including tabling activities.
  • Adherence to federal, state and local public health requirements and guidance is required.
  • Your organization must confirm its risk mitigation details as part of the space reservation process, working with event planning staff from the campus venue in question.
  • Event planners should maintain a roster of the meeting or event that includes names and contact information for at least on month after the event occurs.
  • Consider modifying or postponing high-touch, hands-on activities.

During your event:

  • Remind attendees if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, including any respiratory symptoms or are feeling unwell in any way, they should not attend. Attendees will be required to use the university’s Daily Health Reporting app.
  • Attendees should practice appropriate hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette (e.g., easy access to restroom facilities with sinks and/or alcohol-based sanitizer, etc.).
  • If meeting in an indoor space with a door, close the door when meeting is complete and notify facility staff so that sanitizing can take place.