Office of Student Life

Recreational Sports


One of the values of Rec Sports is to build personal development opportunities. The department is proud to manage scholarships that assist with educational expenses.

Mary A. Daniels Scholarship 

The Dr. Mary A. Daniels Scholarship provides financial support to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who exhibit outstanding academic accomplishment and a commitment to campus leadership. Each year, up to two awards will be granted for up to $2,500 to undergraduate, graduate or professional students who have demonstrated qualities that distinguish themselves as individuals committed to leadership and academic excellence.

Daniels is a former assistant vice president for Student Life and was a Rec Sports staff member early in her career. Her name is still evident on campus as the home of the Student Wellness Center, housed in the Mary A. Daniels Student Wellness Suite, and through her support of students via scholarship opportunities. Her impact in the field of sport and recreation is known nation-wide and she has been influential in shaping the profession as we know it today.


Dave Griner Endowed Scholarship/Tim and Jayn Corral Endowed Scholarship

The Dave Griner Endowed Scholarship and Tim and Jayn Corral Endowed Scholarship are awarded to one or more students each year who have been employed by Student Life Rec Sports for at least one semester and demonstrate leadership, professional development and service. The award amount is in the range of $1,000.

The Dave Griner Endowed Scholarship is named in honor of the former Rec Sports employee who worked from 1966-95. Dave encouraged student employees to be involved in rewarding, leadership-building activities.

Tim and Jayn Corral were avid participants in recreational sports, with Tim serving as an undergraduate employee, a graduate administrative associate and a full-time professional staff member. Together, they created the Tim and Jayn Corral Endowed Scholarship Fund to recognize and assist student employees with their educational expenses.


Virgil Goodwine Scholarship

Virgil Goodwine was the longtime coach of the Judo Club who passed away in 2017. He was very instrumental in helping develop the minds of students on this campus. His character displayed leadership, integrity, and dedication. He was a part of our Sport Club program for well over 40 years, and he always spoke about academic success in the classroom. Therefore, in Virgil’s honor, a $500 scholarship is granted annually to a sport club participant who demonstrates leadership, academic success, integrity and dedication.


Interested students can learn more about and apply for scholarships on the ScholarshipUniverse website. If you have not already, you will be prompted to create a profile. Be sure to indicate if you are a student employee of Rec Sports or a member of a registered sport club to be matched with any applicable scholarship opportunities. Information about application deadlines and required submission materials are detailed on ScholarshipUniverse.

Contact Gabby Kinnamon at for more information. If you are interested in giving in support of these scholarships, please contact Gabby or see our webpage about Our Donors.