Office of Student Life

Rental Policies: University Departments

Rental Fees & Associated Charges

Rental Fees University Departments/Academic Groups will receive a 50% discount on facility space reservations.  The length of the rental period includes preparation/set-up, event and tear-down/clean-up times.

Event Operation Charges In addition to the space rental fee, the rental group is responsible for all direct labor costs incurred by the Department of Recreational Sports that are necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the facility.  These costs include, but are not limited to, facility operations staff, environmental services staff, ushering, lifeguards, paramedics, security and traffic personnel, sport officials, and scoreboard operators.  The amount of staff assigned to an event will be determined based on the size and nature of the event.  Rental groups will also be charged for any special cleaning, maintenance, or repair resulting from the event or activity.

Before/After Hours Charges In addition to the rental and event operation fees, any group that schedules an event outside of a facility’s regular operating hours must pay the personnel costs incurred in keeping the facility open beyond its posted hours.

Equipment Charges Additional charges will be assessed for any equipment (i.e. scoreboards, PA systems, podiums, tables, chairs, audio visuals, etc.).

Deposits An approved Non-Catalog Requisition is required of university departments/academic units 15 business days prior to the event dates.  If not received, the event may be cancelled.  The requisition will not be processed until after the conclusion of the event.

Final Balance Payment Due Date Additional charges may be applied to the event at its conclusion if any adaptations to the reservation were made by adding time, space, and/or equipment or if damage was incurred.   These additional associated charges are due within 30 days following the invoice date.

Outstanding Balances Any group with an outstanding balance due to additional applied charges that exceeds 30 days from the invoice date will not be permitted to utilize or reserve space with the Department of Recreational Sports until the outstanding balance is paid in full.  Any outstanding balances that exceed 60 days will be sent to the Ohio State Bursar Office for collection.  Any group whose outstanding balance exceeds 60 days is subject to immediate loss of any current reservations and may be denied future use of the facilities.

Cancellation Fees The termination of a rental agreement by either party can only occur if notice is provided to the other party at least 15 business days before the lease term begins. 

  • If Rec Sports cancels the reservation before the event date due to unforeseen circumstances the deposit will be refunded in full.
  • If a department cancels their event with less than 15 business days’ notice, the department will be charged 50% of the estimated rental fee, plus any expenses incurred by the Department of Recreational Sports in preparation of the anticipated event.

Booking Procedure

Facility Request Process

It is recommended that any party wanting to use a Department of Recreational Sports facility should submit their formal online request at least eight weeks prior to the event date.  Requests are typically processed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Confirmation of the request will be made by the Department of Recreational Sports once it is determined that the facility is available, and the requirements of the event are satisfactory.   Click here for more information and the facility request form.

Special Events Scheduling for special events is available up to one calendar year in advance.

Semesterly/Recurring Events Scheduling for recurring space reservations will open on the first day of the preceding semester of the organization's desired reservation semester.   Example: online requests for autumn semester should be made beginning the first day of summer term.  Requests will be processed on a first come first served basis and all Recreational Sports facility and membership policies apply.  Please note that requests submitted prior to this time will not be considered for space and be discarded by our office.  Availability; however, may not be determined until after all our internal department programming has been scheduled.

  • Tabling – See Tabling under Other Facility Rental Guidelines

University departments/academic units are responsible for ensuring that any non-member attending their rental event signs a Release of Claims form.

Outdoor Facility Requests
The Department of Recreational Sports does not guarantee alternate indoor facilities, or rain dates, in the event of inclement weather; however, it will make every effort to find space or alternate dates when possible. 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
An unmanned aircraft system is the aircraft (model airplane, helicopter, quadcopter, etc.), platform, payload and the autopilot, the communications, avionics (the on-board intelligence, communications, radio transmissions), and the human pilot. Approval from the university is required to use a UAS on university property or at a university-sponsored event.  The university’s UAS Interim Policy can be found online at:  The university’s UAS Request Form can be found online at:

Food, Beverage, Sales and Solicitation Guidelines

Food Service
Rental groups are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages to any indoor or outdoor facility or activity space without the approval of the Department of Recreational Sports. Catering and concessions must be coordinated through the Department of Recreational Sports exclusive caterer, University Catering.  A 15% catering site fee will be added to all food and beverage by the caterer and paid directly back to the Department of Recreational Sports.  Eating and drinking are allowed only in specified areas.  Alcoholic beverages and all forms of illegal substances are strictly prohibited.  All guests must abide by the University Tobacco Free policy.

NOTE: The university has an exclusive beverage contract with the Coca-Cola Company that must be complied with in any facility at The Ohio State University.

Vending and Merchandise
Rental groups are not allowed to sell products, or contract with outside vendors to sell products, in a Department of Recreational Sports’ facility without the prior written approval of the Department of Recreational Sports and The Ohio State University. 

Tabling opportunities at the RPAC for promotional purposes are limited to the Program Registration Room, TWD Vestibule, Lower Main Space, and Outdoor Plaza Deck only.  Tabling for sporting event registration for events taking place at the RPAC, is available at the Program Registration Room only.  Additional spaces may be added to the approved list of tabling locations based upon facility developments, sponsorship and/or partnership agreements, or approval from the Recreational Sports Leadership Team.  Tabling opportunities are also available in approved locations at the Adventure Recreation Center, Fred Beekman Park, the Jesse Owens Rec Centers, Lincoln Tower Park, and the North Recreation Center.

  • Individuals working or volunteering for the approved organization are requested NOT to directly approach people entering or leaving Recreational Sports facilities or parking lots.
  • At minimum, an 11x17 inch sign with the organization’s official title typed in a professional, legible font is required at all tabling events at all Recreational Sports facilities. This sign can be printed by our office if language is supplied within three (3) business days.
  • A display with materials about the organization’s goals or relevant materials is highly encouraged. Aggressive canvassing or “hard-sell” tactics are never allowed and may result in a suspension of that organization’s privilege to table.
  • Those who are NOT approved to table at Recreational Sports facilities will be asked to schedule a reservation and will be required to disassemble their tabling event immediately.
  • The selling of any items for a reserved organization must be approved by the department’s scheduling office and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the Department of Recreational Sports is not responsible for any cash handling and change will NOT be provided.  
  • At no time are materials to be taped, glued, tacked, or otherwise affixed to doors, walls, windows, sign stands, poster frames or other building surfaces not specifically designated for such purposes. Vendors cannot post or hang any materials on painted or glass surfaces. Banners, flyers, and signs may not be affixed to the building, benches, trees, or railings. Any visual materials must be preapproved by the appropriate Recreational Sports professional staff member. Handwritten signs are not permitted.
  • As stewards of safe and healthy activity, Recreational Sports will not accept advertising that promotes alcohol and tobacco use, sponsored by alcohol or tobacco companies, or contains the logos and brands of alcohol and tobacco companies.
  • Materials must be removed, and space returned to its originals state as soon as the reserved event or activity is over.
  • All written materials distributed shall expressly disclaim, in font no smaller than 12 point size, any affiliation with or recognition or sponsorship by the department. The following language is approved for use: “This group is not affiliated with, recognized by, or otherwise endorsed in any manner by the Department of Recreational Sports at Ohio State.”
  • Tables must be staffed by members of the reserved organization for the entirety of the reservation. Tables left unattended will have the materials removed from the area and discarded. Failure to abide by the tabling guidelines may result in the removal of your materials from the premises, event shut down, and/or being ineligible for future reservations.
  • Prospective users of table space forfeit their space if not in use within 15 minutes of the starting time specified on the reservation confirmation. Repeated failure to cancel a table reservation 14 days prior to contracted time may result in loss of future reservation approval.
  • Organizations may reserve one of designated tabling options on a given day. Multiple tablings per day are not permitted.  Be aware, organizations are taking a chance with inclement weather if they choose an outdoor table.
  • Organizations are limited to five (5) tabling reservation dates per semester. Exceptions include: Department of Recreational Sports programs; department, Student Life, or university sponsorship client groups.

No unauthorized petitioning or soliciting may be conducted in or around the recreational facilities.  Any solicitations other than in accordance with our reservation guidelines are not permitted. The purpose of this policy is to prevent disturbance or disruption to recreation facility members and visitors and allow them to conduct activities unhampered. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to distribution of flyers (whether political, religious, commercial, noncommercial or charitable), conducting a poll, survey, petition drives, vocal appeals for donations, actively providing an item or service with no value in exchange for donations and recruitment for blood drives or other charitable causes without a formal reservation of space.

To permit the free flow of pedestrian traffic and to promote the safe and orderly conduct of recreation facility operations, approved sales and solicitations are limited to specific reserved space. Vendors may not circulate in pedestrian traffic areas or approach individuals. If an event is occurring within a recreation facility, an organization may work with the event coordinator to plan for directional or other publicity needs related to that event. Vendors must identify themselves by names displayed in their designated area and must not use Recreational Sports in advertisements/publicity without prior written approval.

Client Accountability

No Show Policy
A group must have a minimum of eight participants by five minutes past the scheduled starting time to claim and retain the reserved space. Two “no shows” without 48 hours prior notice given to the Scheduling and Events Office will result in termination of all space reservations at all our recreation facilities for that current semester. For the climbing center, there must be a group of 10 participants to claim and retain the reserved space.

Strike Accrual Process
The Department of Recreational Sports Three Strikes Policy is the consequence for violating the Recreational Sports Facility Policies. This Policy is grounded in the belief that a first offense can be used as a learning tool, but violations thereafter must be dealt with by the application of a consequence. Recognizing this, the following: Three Strikes Policy has been established.

  • Strike 1: A formal letter will be sent to the person(s) involved as a friendly reminder of the policies that have been violated. At the request of the individual(s) involved a meeting may be scheduled with a Rec Sports GAA or professional staff member to review the violated policy so further incidents do not
  • Strike 2: A formal letter will be sent to the person(s) involved to inform them that the individual(s) or organization is currently on “probation”. A meeting will be scheduled with the appropriate professional staff member to review the policies and the history of the individual(s) and/or organization(s)
  • Strike 3: A formal letter will be sent to the person(s) involved to inform them that a third strike has been assessed. The individual(s) and/or organization(s) involved will immediately lose their reservation privileges for the current academic semester and the following academic

Rules for Accumulation
As individual(s) and/or organization(s) violate policies they will be assessed a strike(s). These strikes will accumulate from one violation to the next incident. For example, an organization violates the alcohol policy at an event they hold at the beginning of the semester. The group is assessed one strike for this violation and their record is updated. A few weeks later they fail to cleanup properly after a scheduled reservation that they hold and are assessed one strike for this violation. Their record is then updated to a Strike 2 level and they are placed on probation.

Although in most instances one strike will be assessed for a violation, there is a possibility for additional strikes being assessed for more serious infractions.

Rules for Removal of Strikes
Individual(s) and/or organization(s) that earned strikes previously can have their “strike count” reduced or eliminated.  For every full academic semester that an individual(s) or organization(s) goes without earning a strike, one strike will be removed from their record.

Appeal Process
Upon receiving Strike 3 the Individual(s) and/or organization(s) involved has the right to appeal their Suspension. For an appeal to be heard the following guidelines must be met:

  1. A written description of the incident that resulted in Strike 3 must be submitted to the indicated professional staff member within 96 hours of the date of the
  2. An Appeal Hearing must be scheduled between all individual(s) and/or organization(s) and the appropriate Rec Sports professional staff
  3. If the decision made by the Rec Sports professional staff member is not satisfactory the individual(s) and/or organization(s) may appeal the decision to the Associate Director of Recreational Facilities.
  4. If the decision made by the Associate Director of Recreational Facilities is not satisfactory the individual(s) and/or organization(s) may appeal the decision to the Director of the Department of Recreational

Note: Upon receiving a “strike letter” the individual(s) and/or organization(s) has the right to appeal the “strike.” Please follow the guidelines indicated above.

Policy Exceptions
Any exceptions to this policy require the approval of the University Recreational Sports Committee (URSC).