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Intramural Sports Play Pass - NEW

Anyone with an active Recreational Sports membership is eligible to purchase an Intramural Sports Play Pass (IM Play Pass). Before registering, participants must first purchase a Play Pass on IMLeagues. The IM Play Pass is your all-access membership to register for intramural sports in IMLeagues. More information about the types of Play Passes can be found below.  

Pass Options

Semester | $25 

The Semester Play Pass gives you access to all intramural sports multi-week leagues, single-day events, instructional clinics, and drop-in activities for an entire academic semester. Please Note: The Semester Play Pass does not include participation in Intramural Ice Hockey.  

Semester + Ice Hockey | $45  

The Semester + Ice Hockey Play Pass gives you access to all intramural sports multi-week leagues, single-day events, instructional clinics, drop-in activities, and the chance to participate in Intramural Ice Hockey for an entire academic semester.  

Daily | $5  

The Daily Play Pass is our one-time play pass option. If you’re unsure of your commitment to participate all semester long, this pass is for you. Daily Passes can be used to participate in drop-in programming, single-day tournaments, instructional sport clinics, and even multi-week leagues for one day and one day only. Daily Passes expire after check in.  
Please Note: Daily Play Passes do not include participation in Ice Hockey.  
Please Note: Unused Daily Play Passes expire at the end of each semester, so use it or lose it.  

 Option to Upgrade  

After you have purchased a Daily Play Pass, if you decide to partake in additional intramural sports activities, you will be automatically prompted in IMLeagues to upgrade your Daily Play Pass at a pro-rated rate.

For example, if you purchase a $5 Daily Pass on Wednesday, September 18th for Drop-In Pickleball, and wish to join a Softball Team after learning more about our sport offerings, your payment after registering will be $20 at checkout.  

If you wish to upgrade your pass and are having issues, email the Competitive Sports Office at and we can help you with the process to ensure you get the right pass for your participation needs. 

How to Purchase 

To purchase a Play Pass, login to your IMLeagues account and Create a Team or Join a Team - You will be prompted for individual payment after registering. You can also purchase an IM Semester Play Pass by visiting this link then travel back to IMLeagues once registrations are open to sign up for a sport(s) of your choice.  

Pass Eligibility 

To purchase a Play Pass, you must have an active Recreational Sports membership.