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  • Feature Friday: Matthew Frey Feature Friday: Matthew Frey

Feature Friday: Matthew Frey

Feature Friday: Matthew Frey


What are some of your hobbies? What are you involved in here at Ohio State?

I am a sophomore studying Computer and Information Science. I do intramural hockey here at Ohio State. I'm also in the Ohio State Street Hockey Club. Other than that I enjoy working out, playing video games, and long-boarding among other things.


What made you decide to attend the Costa Rica Service Adventure through Buck-I-SERV and The Outdoor Adventure Center?  

I attended the March trip and I actually heard about it from my mom who saw it in a newsletter. I became interested in going mainly by looking through the itinerary. I saw things like surfing which I had never done and decided I couldn't miss out on that opportunity.


What were some activities you participated in during your trip?

For service we worked with an elementary school where we painted the wall around the perimeter green, renovated their greenhouse so they could grow food for the students, as well as leveling out their pond and using fresh soil to put around all the trees. For fun we went rafting about 20 miles down Rio Savegre. We hiked up Mt. Diamante Verde where we got to cliff dive, repel down next to a waterfall, and sleep in a cave. Half way up the mountain we also got to explore a garden full of things like sugarcane, cocao trees, cinnamon, and flowers used in the scent Chanel No.5. Finally we spent a couple days on Uvita Beach where we surfed and played soccer all day.


What was your favorite memory from your time in Costa Rica? 

It's really hard to pick just one but the one memory I'll highlight is playing a soccer game with the kids from the elementary school.


What was your biggest takeaway from your service trip?

My biggest takeaway was that the impact I can have with service is much greater than I anticipated. There were only 17 of us total and only two full days of service, yet we could all see the significant difference we made when they sent us follow up pictures of the greenhouse, wall, and pond that we worked on.

If would highly recommend this trip or any Buck-I-SERV trip to a friend. For anyone interested, the Outdoor Adventure Center and Recreational Sports will be travelling to Hawaii over winter break. This should be a great way to get a positive, rewarding experience amidst some outdoor adventure.  


After being in Costa Rica, where would you lik to travel next? 

I already have plans to do the Buck-I-Serv/Rec Sports trip to Australia and Fiji next May. 


Aside from traveling, how do you best live a Life In Motion? What advice would you give to those who might be trying to live a better Life in Motion?

I am an adventure seeker. I'm always looking forward the next big adventure that comes my way. My advice is to be more open to adventurous activities. You don't necessarily have to travel to Costa Rica to find adventure but you do have to be open to experiencing new things. Find things that push you out of your comfort zone because that's where you'll grow as a person.