Office of Student Life

Scott Holmes

  • Title: Assistant Director -RPAC Facility Operations, Member Services, Student Development
  • Phone: 614-292-8755
  • Email:

Pronouns: he/him/his

Brief job responsibilities summary: Work with three different functional areas of the department: RPAC Facility Operations, Member Services, Student Development.  Help each team to ensure we are inclusive, safe, welcoming, and progressive.  RPAC Facility Operations and Member Services encompasses any user experience within the walls of the RPAC Facility from accessing the building through the patron experience.  We want to make sure things are clean, environments are safe, and patrons have a good time.  Student Development centers around leadership programs that we offer, our GAA experience, and making sure our student staff are provided opportunities to develop through job skills outside of the classroom. 

Education: Northern Illinois University B.S. Health Sciences; The Ohio State University M.A. Sport Management

What year did you start at Ohio State?:  2006